Onboarding Basics and Merch Ideas for New Employees

Every new talent acquisition undergoes an onboarding stage where they get to know all the essentials of the company. Company history, basic rules, defining job roles, scope, and limitations, or a casual tour around the office vicinity are all part of the onboarding process.

However, from an employee perspective, the much-awaited part of onboarding is receiving the onboarding welcome box. If you’re part of the onboarding team and wondering what to include in your merch package, this article is for you. Get to know what exciting products you can include in your company’s welcome kit.

Merch Ideas for New Employees

Why does Company Merch for Newbies Matter?

Before heading to those merch items, it’s interesting to understand why giving these kits is integral to onboarding. You might be thinking that, too, right? Well, you’re in for a treat. Take a look at how company merch for newbies can build a good impression in your company.

A Form of Welcoming Gift

New people, new tasks, new space. Whether they are experienced or fresh out of college, entering a new workplace environment can be nerve-racking for your newbies. With that said, an employee welcome box is a lovely and touching effort to hospitality which encourages your new employees.

Indeed, you have already heard of a wisdom phrase. "First impressions last." Make a good and positive impact on your new team members by sending out branded shirts, notebooks, and pens. Create a feeling of acceptance, belongingness, and ownership through these branded merchandise as an onboarding kit.

Sparks Inspiration and Motivation

Positive affirmation can drive one's motivation to a great height, most especially for new and adjusting new hires. By giving merchandise to newbies, your company is actually igniting a workplace full of motivation.

More than just an onboarding box of branded merchandise like polos, coffee mugs, lace pens, and journals. Sending items is a gesture of support from the company. This will remind your new hires that being a part of your company is a great opportunity they should cherish.

Builds and Marks Solid Company Culture

Onboarding boxes can be a solid, physical embodiment of the company's culture. Honouring the values, mission, and vision inside your box can help your new hires embrace the whole brand. In fact, you can use this as a tool to communicate with your employees.

Giving a merch package can be a game changer to your onboarding process, especially when dealing with remote employees. So make sure that you’re providing the best products in your kit. You can also add a welcome note along with the company handbook.

Merch Ideas for Newbies

How to Choose an Onboarding Pack?

As mentioned before, providing an outstanding onboarding pack is essential. You should maximise your budget by giving merch items that could bring joy to your newbies. Here are some tips on choosing the merchandise to put on your employee onboarding boxes.

Understand Your Employee Needs

Each new hire may have a different job scope and nature. Some will work remotely, some in the office, and others on the field. It’s essential to create a pack that is flexible to whatever job environment for each position. Choose items that are general and useful to any job scope.

Items like brand lace can be used to hold their identification cards in the office or for a business trip. The goal is to provide helpful merchandise to your employees, regardless of their workplace.

Know Your Onboarding Pack Budget

Of course, the budget should always come first. Identify what the ideal cost for one onboarding box per new hire is. Once you have identified this, you can choose each merch to add. Please consider the cost of remote employees' branding, packaging, and delivery expenses.

Look for a Supplier

Once your onboarding box idea is already set. The most challenging part would be looking for a quality supplier to provide the merch, the packaging, the branding design, and the delivery.

Luckily, we’ve made everything handy for your business. We can provide you with quality, customisable, and eco-friendly merchandise. Apart from that, we will also do the printing, packaging, and delivery for you. All you need is to inquire.

Employee Welcome Box Ideas

Employee Welcome Box Ideas

Creating your onboarding welcome box can differ depending on your budget, the person's position, or your branding style. If you are still stuck with ideas, let me introduce you to some excellent merch package ideas you can imitate.

1. Employee Welcome Kit: Idea Package 1

If you're new to creating an employee onboarding kit, this one's for you. It comprises a contour company logo sticker, a cork notebook, a classic pen, a classic mug, two stainless steel tumblers, an organic T-shirt, and a beautiful white shipping box with customised stickers. This is a basic yet commendable set for your new hires.

2. Onboarding Box: Idea Package 2

This one might seem to be a classic pack. However, this is one of the new hires' most engaging and exciting sets of merch. It comprises a contour company logo sticker, a classic cap in French navy, a black notebook, an organic premium sweater, an organic T-shirt, a classic 350 ml mug, a stainless steel cup, and a stainless steel drinking bottle. Sounds odd, but classic never dies, doesn't it?

3. Employee Welcome Box: Idea Package 3

If those two packages above don't fit your brand. Well, probably, it’s time to level up and include some premium products. Make them feel welcome and essential with a little something above the norm. This one consists of a recycled leather notebook, a classic pen, an organic premium sweater, an organic heavy T-shirt, a ceramic mug and espresso glass for coffee lovers, a stainless steel cup, a stainless drinking bottle, a sports shirt, and a laptop case. Lastly, it comes in a printed and branded shipping box. If that doesn’t sound premium to you, then I don’t know what else will.

Corporate branded cup for new employees

Welcome Your Newbies with an Onboarding Welcome Box 

Spice up your onboarding process by equipping your newly hired employees with these excellent welcome boxes. Make an outstanding first impression and set your talents at ease, knowing they'll be a part of a nurturing organisation.

If you’re starting to curate your onboarding kits and feel overwhelmed with too many options. Fret not. Talk to us, and we will find out which merch will fit your company brand.