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Customer Story 1 min video
Dapper Growth Agency

Tycho Luijten, co-founder of Dapper, explains how Monday Merch was the perfect solution for him to get high-quality merch for his team while saving him time.

Customer Story 1 min video
OneTeam Frontline Employees

Guido Schmitz, co-founder of OneTeam, explains how Monday Merch made his life as a founder easier by creating welcome packages for their (remote) employees.

Customer Story 1 min video
Somnox Breath Sleep

Julian Jagtenberg, CEO of Somnox explains the value of merchandise to their team and how Monday Merch took away the hassle of creating a high-quality merch pack for their employees. 

Customer Story 1 min video

Graciëlla van Vliet, co-founder, explains how Monday Merch made it easy and time consuming to create high quality merchandise packs for their team members.

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