How to Print Your Company Logo on Products

Company logos are one of the factors that bring identity to your business. Have you ever played the “Guess the logo” game? Wondering how you guessed the logo quickly, even if it's partially revealed? Well, that’s because of brand familiarity. The more exposed your company logo is, the higher the chance of spreading brand familiarity.

Now, you might wonder which products are best to put your logo on. Worry no more. We have created a list of merch for your company logo. 

How Logo on Corporate Merch Benefits Your Business

If you need more than brand awareness to convince you about the importance of a company logo, then here are two other benefits.

Separates You From Competitors

An excellent logo can tell so much about your brand. So dare to be unique against your competitor. Show what your brand supports and values through your company logo.

Representation of Business

Whenever your people wear something that has your company logo on it, they become a representative of your business. That becomes an opportunity for you to introduce your existence to the market.

How to Put a Logo of a Company on Merch Products

Next, you might be worried about how you will put your logo on your merch. Putting your logo on a product seems overwhelming because of the various options. However, once you know your style, it will be easier for you to decide.

For example, your business decides to give clothing merchandise. There are various printing techniques on how to put a logo on a shirt that may apply. One type of printing you must consider is the DTG or direct-to-garment, wherein you can print any logo on the fabric of your choice. Bear in mind that the best technique depends on your organisation’s budget, the kind of design, and the fabric you'll use.

Oh! Don’t forget to remind your peers how to take care of their clothing merchandise by giving them instructions and recommendations for printed clothes.

List of Products to Place Your Logo On

By this time you are probably pondering which items to put your logo on.. Well, grab your notes, as this list will help you choose the right merch.

Branded Bag & Case

There’s no better item to start off than bags and cases since these items benefit your peers.


Backpacks are the most convenient type of bag for your employees. This will help them carry all their belongings whenever they need to work onsite. You can choose from various styles like a drawstring, anti-theft, cooling, or laptop backpack.

Full Colour Tote Bag

Another type of bag to consider is a tote bag. This bag is perfect for carrying your peer’s essentials. Not to mention that this item is eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials.

Laptop Sleeve

You may also give a sturdy 14-inch laptop sleeve made of polyester. This merch offers high-quality memory foam and a plush inner lining to keep the laptop safe.

Quality Fabrics Clothes

Clothing merch has always been on the list when discussing printing company logos. Here are some items to consider.

Classic Cap

If your business is in the sports, health or lifestyle industry, including a branded cap on your merch is a good idea. This classic cap offers 100% cotton and comes in various colours.

Customised Hoodies

Who doesn’t love hoodies? Impress your team by giving customised hoodies where your brand can be clearly seen. This is a good merch product during the cold or winter season.

Branded Socks

Add a sock gift box to your merch pack. This item is made of 350 gsm paper, which comes in customisable packaging.

Organic T-shirt

Of course, don’t miss adding a branded corporate T-shirt to your merch pack. Without a doubt, this merch is the best place to print your company logo since this can be worn in almost all seasons.


Always consider functional items your peers can appreciate when choosing a product to put your logo on. Well, that includes drinkware they can use during break time.

Corporate Cups and Mugs

Make sure to send branded company mugs to your people, so they have something to use whenever they need a dose of caffeine in their system. Choose from either metal, glass or organic-made material. Then, customise it by printing your brand logo.

Branded Water Bottles

Giving water bottles might be typical for almost every company. However, you can level yours up by promoting sustainability through your branded drinking bottles

Bath Products

Next on the list is the toiletry merch your employee can use at home or when travelling.

Bath Slippers

Another unique item to put your logo on is bath slippers. This will make your peer’s bathing session more enjoyable and safer. And oh, with its fashionable design, they might also prefer using it when they go out.

Large Bath Towel

Yes, this is not an ordinary towel. It’s a large bath towel. A perfect merch item to print your brand logo. This oversized towel can also create hotel vibes whenever your people use it at home.


If you’re giving out branded towels, you might as well add a company bathrobe to your merch pack. This will complete an outstanding bath set merch that your employees will love.

Fleece Blanket Made from Environmentally Friendly Materials

Travelling is a famous recreation among young employees. So, why not show your support by giving them a branded fleece blanket they can use as they travel. This handy, thick blanket comprises 30% polyester and 70% RPET polyester.

Customised Sport Items 

When discussing putting your logo on a product to promote your brand, sports merch is something you shouldn’t miss on your list.

Reusable Sports Bottle

Choose a reusable sports bottle made of 100% Recycled PET and turn it into your team members' go-to gym or jog bottle. This merch comes with a collapsible mouthpiece and lockable straw that can hold up to 500ml.

Sports Bag

This sports bag is convenient for your employees whenever they go to the gym or attend team building. This sports bag is made of RPET polyester with a padded interior, main compartment and zipper pocket, two sturdy handles, insert base and protective buttons.

Classic Sport Shorts

Classic sports shorts are another awesome merch to print your logo on. These sports shorts are made of polyester, cotton and elastane, perfect for running, jogging, or dancing.

Microfibre Sports Towel

Sports merch will never be complete without a sports towel. Add this microfibre sports towel to your pack to help your peers dry off after a tiring workout. Make sure that your brand logo is visible on that sports towel.

Print Your Company Logo On Products With Monday Merch

Start maximising the advantages of printing your brand logo on your company merch. The list is long and overwhelming. Therefore, you only need to prioritise what you think will work for your business.

If you’re still struggling to pick the best merch to put your logo on, we’re here to help you. Send us a message so we can assist you in planning, choosing, printing, and distributing your company's merch.