How to Wash Printed Clothes?

Have you ever received a branded company T-shirt that became your go-to favourite? Something about its texture, design, or statement makes you want to wash and wear it daily! However, doing this might cause your clothing to wear out faster.

However, there are ways to maintain and take care of your screen and DTG-printed clothes! We’re here to give you tips on washing, drying, and ironing your screen-printed clothing properly. Prolong the life of your clothing pieces, whether it's screen or DTG printed.

How to Wash Clothes with Prints?

Clothes usually come with manufacturing care instructions on its label. However, these care instructions apply to the cloth and not the print. To take care of your printed clothes while caring for the linen itself, follow the screen and DTG print care instructions below.

1. Wash Inside Out

Remember to unfold your clothes inside out before damping or washing, as washing may expose your clothesline to scratching and grinding on other surfaces. This can cause the print design of your clothes to crack and crumble. To avoid damaging the details or print design of the clothes and to maintain the outer side fresh and in tack, make sure to turn your laundry pile of printed garments inside out. Aside from keeping your printed clothes as good as new, doing inside-out laundry can also ensure that sweat stains will be washed by detergent closely.

2. Hand-Washing

Note that printed clothing should be in the handwashing pile as machine washing is prone to crumpling, tangling, and twisting. Your favourite comfy printed clothes might be damaged during laundry. Always handwash to control your force in printed and plain areas, and manually debuff stains and bumps on the clothes. With handwashing, you can also manage your speed and water temperature, which can also affect the print material of the clothing.

3. In Cold Water or at 30 Degrees

Washing in lukewarm or warm water can affect not only the quality of the linen, but also the print design of your clothing. Heat can cause it to fade and remove the binding materials of the print design. Make it a habit to wash in cold water or at 30 degrees to avoid damaging not only the colour of the cloth but, most importantly, the art and printed design of your clothes. 

4. Combine Similar Colours

Ever experienced colour bleeding where one cloth will damage and mix its colours with others? This is such a frustrating situation when doing the laundry. Colour bleeding can also affect the colour of the screen or DTG printed design of your shirts, so as a must: always wash with similar shades of clothes to avoid colour mixing and destroying your beloved printed attire.
Prolong your printed clothes life and maintain their best quality and colours by making it a rule to sort out your printed laundry before washing.

5. Avoid Bleach

Bleach is used to sanitise, disinfect the laundry and remove the heavy stain on your clothes. As your clothes are prone to bacteria from excessive sweating and the environment, you should always sanitise even your printed attire. Hence, do this without bleach, as bleach is a strong laundry chemical that can damage not only the fibres of your linen but the material of your print design. It can remove its layers and make it thinner, cracked, or soft, and it can also cause discolouration of the print design itself.

Drying Recommendations for Printed Clothes

Once you're done washing your printed clothes according to the care tips above, make sure to also follow the drying with care tips to keep your printed garments in their best shape, colour, and quality.

• Like washing, hanging, and drying your laundry inside out is a must to avoid direct exposure to heat that may cause the print design to soften, melt, or even crack.
• Always hang neat and in an airy area. Do this to avoid clothes drying crumpled and unevenly.
• Sort out your drying by colour as well. During air drying, your clothes are prone to rubbing with each other, thus resulting in colour mixing.
• If you are to use a machine dryer, use or set the machine at a lower temperature. In fact, use the lowest heat temperature possible, then air dry. 

How to wash shirts with prints

How to Iron Printed Shirts and Hoodies

• Set your iron at low heat, as the print material is sensitive to temperature.
• You can iron your clothes inside out to straighten the fabric itself, and you can iron the print design and flatten or straighten the crumpled prints by placing a thin layer of cloth or paper above the print design before ironing directly.
• Avoid pressing too hard and too long on the print design.

Follow those Custom T-shirt Washing Instructions

Clothing is not only a piece of fabric in this modern-day world. Clothing and styling are a form of statement nowadays, embodying and representing who we are. We understand how important it is to take care of your screen and DTG-printed clothing. So here are a few takeaway tips and care instructions for your screen-printed shirts.

Always check the manufacturing care instructions for your favourite printed attires before washing. As much as possible, if your printed clothes get stained, wash them immediately to avoid stains sinking in and dip your fabric.
Always mind the temperature in all laundry stages.  

Care instructions for screen print shirts

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