Offboarding Process and Farewell Merch Ideas

One of the issues many companies face regularly is people leaving for various reasons. While this occurrence is absolutely normal, still it’s great to smoothen the process by giving them farewell merch.

Farewell merch is a nice gesture from the company since this shows that you appreciate your employee’s efforts. Sometimes, some employees leave for better opportunities. Therefore, giving these items during their offboarding process will ease all the tension.

If you want to know which items are perfect for farewell gifts, you’re in the ideal avenue. 

Why is It Crucial to Make the Offboarding Process as Positive as Possible? 

The most important thing to note regarding employees is their constant desire for growth. Sometimes, they leave the company behind not because of bad experiences but because of their continuous need to grow and learn new things.

If you’re a company owner or a part of the HR team, these things are a natural part of the business and should not be taken personally. That said, your focus should be making the offboarding process as positive and smooth as possible.

This transition is done to create no awkward rifts between the companies and their employees. Additionally, this gesture is a way to acknowledge these employees’ contributions to your company during their time there.

Leaving something you’ve grown accustomed to is always tricky. Therefore, offering this simple gesture through farewell gifts is essential to ensure that the experience doesn’t have to be more difficult. 

Why are Farewell Gifts a Must-Have for Offboarding?

As mentioned earlier, offboarding merch or gifts makes the transition easier and creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Employees will undoubtedly appreciate it if their former company shows appreciation to them.

Probably by now, you want to know which specific benefits are associated with these gifts, well, here are the top reasons.

To Show the Company’s Gratitude

The employer-employee relationship is tricky since both parties must be satisfied with what they’re getting from one another. But the fact that an employee lasts within your company says something about them and your business.

Show appreciation for an employee who’s about to leave by giving them offboarding gifts. You must remember that it is not how expensive or beautiful the item is but the thought behind it.

This gesture will also help your business garner a reputation for supporting its employees once they leave. It is an attractive quality for potential new employees and clients to choose your company. 

To Become a Keepsake to the Retiring Peer

Working within a company isn’t just something employees do to earn money. Sometimes, genuine connections are forged, and the experience will be something they will carry with them for a long time.

It's generally a good idea to give valued employees a token of your appreciation not just to show your gratitude but also for them to remember your organisation. Sometimes, we associate certain items with fond memories of that experience, precisely what you’re doing when you give your employees parting merch. 

To End the Partnership on Good Terms

Leaving a company is like a breakup; it is difficult to talk about and messy. Kidding aside, some employees might leave the company instead of voicing their opinions, leaving unresolved issues and tension between both parties.

You can quell this tension by giving your employees who are about to leave a token to remember you. This gesture is bound to let them know that you appreciate what they’ve done for the company and might negate any lingering grievances on their part. 

To Leave the Door Open for Come Back

According to an article by Bloomberg, many employees immediately regret leaving their previous companies. The allure of a higher salary, better position, or a new environment might have been a good idea initially. Still, most wanted to return to their previous employers for more personal reasons.

The beauty of giving your employees offboarding merch is that it leaves the door open for your employees to come back. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and sometimes allowing your employees to go will help them realise that.

Leaving the door open lets your previous employees know they will always have a home in your company, and you can deliver this message through parting gifts. 

Best Farewell Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Now that we know the “why” behind farewell merch, it’s time to jump to the “what.” There are many items to choose from, but we must consider merch that will clearly convey the messages mentioned above while having aesthetic appeal and functionality.

That said, here are some of the best farewell gift ideas for your departing employees: 

1. Multifunctional Phone Holder

Our phones are almost an extension of our bodies since we can do many things with them. However, one of the problems facing phone owners is the difficulty of holding their phones for an extended period due to their size and weight. But this is where branded multifunctional phone holders come in.

This going-away gift is simple, direct to the point, and very functional, three characteristics that make for a good item. Having your brand printed on this merch also reminds these employees of where they came from and will probably prompt them to think fondly of your company and their experiences. 

2. Recycled Cotton Apron

Cooking is undoubtedly one of the most creative and loved recreation for many. And it’s not surprising that some of your peers are into that hobby. Well, why not support them by giving them a recycled cotton apron? Yes, giving them products that support the things they love, even if they’re leaving your company, is a great way to motivate them. After all, what you want for them is to grow, even if that means leaving and moving to another business.

3. Customised Mugs with Your Company Logo

Mugs have got to be in the hall of fame for functional gifts since they are helpful at least for those who love coffee or tea. Not to mention, if you have cool designs, they can also serve as an art piece within your peers' kitchens. Having customised branded mugs certainly ticks all the right boxes and is bound to make your employees happy.

Mugs are one of those items you never thought you needed but will be thankful for if they’re there. Giving your employees this merch will probably remind them about your business every time they sip coffee in the morning.

4. Corporate Branded Cutting Board

Another way to encourage your peers to pursue cooking passion is by giving them excellent branded cutting boards. This is an exceptional addition to their kitchenware, especially if you engraved or marked it with your brand logo.

Aside from helping them slice and dice various ingredients, having your brand featured in this item will remind your previous employees about your company. At least they have something in mind if they’re looking for a job again.

5. Gift Box with Food and Drinks

Nothing says “we wish you luck on your future endeavours” than a gift box with different food and drinks. While not necessarily a memento to hold on to since these items are consumables, the thought of you treating your employees with a gift box is enough to leave a lasting impression on them.

Pick from a selection of coffee, treats, snacks, or liquor to celebrate your employees’ contributions to your company. People always say it’s the thought that counts; this gesture of giving your leaving employee a gift box is guaranteed to count. 

Bid Your Employees Good Bye With These Awesome Merch

These are some of the best farewell merch ideas. Having someone leave the company is always a challenging experience. So, why not lighten the mood, extend an olive branch, and keep bridges intact instead of burning them by giving your outgoing employees these gifts? Always remember that giving offboarding gift packs is as important as giving onboarding merch.

If you want to know more about the items listed above, feel free to contact us. Subsequently, we are also interested in helping you create the best farewell merch for your leaving peers. We take pride in providing our partners with high-quality and sustainable items guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

We hope your employees will appreciate your gesture of generosity as they happily leave your organisation for better opportunities. Who knows? It might also be an open door for your business to invest in other competitive talents.