Ideas of Eco-Friendly Company Merch Boxes for Your Employees

Wanting to reward your employee’s dedication and commitment to the company but having no thoughts in mind? Why not give them eco-friendly products they can use at home or work? That way, your employees will appreciate your generosity while promoting sustainability in the workplace.

Eco-Friendly Company Merch Boxes

Why Eco-friendly Merch Matters

The way we live significantly affects our environment. That’s the reason why many brands nowadays help promote sustainability. One way is by supporting eco-friendly materials in your company merchandise.

Having a business that encourages the use of eco-friendly merch helps protect the planet and the future generation. At the same time, it’s also an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand, which can give your company more revenue.

Ideas for Sustainable Corporate Merch Kits

By now, you might be curious about what eco-friendly merch you can include in your corporate kits. Well, worry no more. Here are some sustainable merch ideas you can consider.

Sustainable Company Merch Boxes

Corporate Apparel Made of Organic and Recycled Materials

Both ladies and gents of all ages are always into new trends in clothing. That’s why including apparel made of sustainable materials can give a huge wow factor towards your peers.

Sustainable Branded T-Shirts

The way you select a T-shirt may vary according to your preference? However, one factor you must consider the most is the material this clothing is made of. Prioritise sustainable branded T-shirts from eco-friendly resources like grown fibre crops such as cotton and hemp.

Customised Hoodies 

How about some customised hoodies for the cold season? This item is perfect for your employees who work onsite. Aside from protection against harsh weather, it could also be a good fashion statement. So make sure you choose an eco-friendly, aesthetic design for your corporate gift merch.

Company Branded Sweaters

Another option for apparel ideas during the cold season is a sweater. Company sweaters are a sweet treat to make your peers feel you care for them. Give the warmth of gratitude with this merch ready for the changing season.

Eco-Friendly Bags. Sustainable merch items

Eco-Friendly Bags

Unknowingly many people are consuming tons of plastics, especially when buying goods. To lessen this plastic problem, it would be helpful if your brand promotes using eco-friendly bags.

rPET Bag

RPET bags are made out of recycled plastic bottle materials. With an RPET bag as merch, your brand can contribute significantly to protecting our environment. This will enable your employees, clients, and customers to pursue the trend of caring for our planet.

Bonus tip: use a non-woven RPET bag with your prescribed colour to make it look fabulous when your peers go shopping.

rPET Felt Backpack

Talking about bags, how about including a felt backpack? Yes, a sturdy backpack made from rPET. This time you are providing your staff with a robust and compact material to carry their stuff to the workplace.

Organic Tote Bag

Tote is a colloquial English term which means “to transport” or “carry”, generally a heavy load. Allow your employees to feel comfy as they use a sturdy, organic tote bag made of 100% cotton fibre. You may choose black, white, red, grey, blue and green colours.

Sustainable Bottles and Mugs

Other sustainable and valuable products to consider in your merch box are bottles and mugs. This is helpful if your peers love to hang out in the gym or do outdoor recreational activities.

Eco Drinking Bottle

Add an eco-drinking bottle to your company merch packs to promote health and sustainability. Choose a drinking bottle that is totally made from waste materials and is 100% BPA and DEHP-free.

Bamboo Bottle

Another option you can consider is a bamboo tumbler merch. It is a double-walled stainless-steel thermos with a bamboo cap and bamboo bottom giving it a natural look. This bottle offers a classic look which your peers will surely love.

Eco Coffee Mug

Who says no to coffee? Wanting the vibes of sipping a cup of coffee from your favourite shop? This eco-coffee mug is natural and reusable for your everyday coffee needs. It is made from 100% FSC-certified cork, biodegradable and reusable. Let your employee enjoy every sip of their coffee with this merch.

Ethical Office Supplies

Speaking of functional, there are no other valuable items to include in your merch packs than office supplies. Here are some eco-friendly office supplies merch ideas you must consider.

Bamboo Pencils

Why not cut the spending on traditional pencils and instead purchase a sustainable bamboo long-life pencil in exchange? This lasts up to 100 times longer than the traditional ones. Other than that, it has a more pleasing appeal compared to your ordinary pencil. That’s a perfect reason to include it in your company merch.

Recycled Pens

Aside from pencils, a pen is also a must-have office supply. Instead of purchasing standard pens, you can see in every office, why not switch to giving recycled pens to your peers. Don’t forget to include your brand logo if you wish to provide customised pens.

Eco Notebooks

You can’t use the bamboo pencil and recycled pen without its partner. Yep, introducing the eco-notebook for your merch. It is made of cork and recycled material with FSC-certified paper. It also has cool features like a pen loop, elastic closure band and reading ribbon to retrieve important notes easily.

Eco-Friendly Boxes. Sustainable merch items

Other Environmentally-Friendly Merch Ideas for Kits

If notebook, pen and pencil merch are just too ordinary for you, this set might be the right one for you. And yes, these are all sustainable.

Sustainable Branded Lunch Box

A sustainable lunch box will help your peers to have food on the go. This will encourage them to pack healthy meals when they go to work. You can pick a bamboo lunch box or a premium metal lunch box. Either of those choices is safe for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Blanket

Fleece is a synthetic answer to natural wool fabric. Moreso, it's lightweight, warm and low maintenance. We offer you this rPET fleece blanket from 30% polyester and 70% rPET polyester. It has a pouch with a drawstring closure which is ideal for travel and storage.

Sustainable Straw

Reusable stainless straw is a must-have item in your merch pack. Aside from being eco-friendly, this merch comes in handy with a cutie canvas pouch and a nylon cleaning brush. This item is a good pair if you include drinking bottles in your merch box.

Try these Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes for Your Employees

Corporate merchandise is a token of appreciation for your hard-working employees. This promotes the company brand or image toward the industry. It’s also a motivating factor for your employees to excel, do better and love their job even more.

Planning to give a merch box for your employees but still thinking about the items to include? Save all the worries and hassle by contacting us now. We would love to help you create your eco-friendly company merch box for your peers.