Eco-friendly Merchandise: What Should You Know

The kind of lifestyle you live contributes a significant impact on our environment. As everyone knows, Earth is currently suffering from the devastating effect of pollution. Various unprecedented calamities happen in almost every part of the planet nowadays.

If we narrow down the primary cause of these issues, it will all boil down to the high amount of waste, especially plastics. Plastics are the leading non-environmental products that produce toxic pollutants and poisonous gases affecting humans, animals, and the whole planet.

To avoid these challenges and problems, various environmentalists and organisations promote eco friendly materials in producing products. If you plan to support this cause, you bumble on the right article. We are here to give you all the insights on Eco Friendly Merchandise.

Why Sustainability Matters in Business

Sustainability is a big topic worldwide that impacts businesses—which compels them to aim for eco-friendly materials in developing their products.

Being able to run a sustainable business meets the standards of protecting the land and protecting the needs of the future generation for a long time. Additionally, it is also a great way to highlight your brand and increase revenue since it has become a trend nowadays.

Eco-Friendly Materials

By now, we know you’re already wondering what eco-friendly materials you need to invest in for your soon-to-be merchandise. 
Let us introduce you to the best options for selecting eco-friendly materials. 

1. Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth that can reproduce in 3 to 4 months. Aside from that, bamboo products like tumblers, utensils, pencils, and straws also have antibacterial properties and anti-fungal effects. This prevents the rapid growth of bacteria and microbes, which is perfect for sustainable clothing and hygienic products.

2. Cork

Cork is a biodegradable material you can recycle without leaving any toxic residue. The very reason why it is quite a good option for plastic and metal caps. Corks are also known for their moisture-wicking, fire-resistant, and anti-microbial properties which is great for products like mousepads and keychains.

3. Teak

Next on our list is teak or teak wood which is an admiringly sustainable wood thanks to its ample carbon storage. However, harvesting teak wood requires some sustainable procedures to maintain the number of trees.

4. Bioplastic Compostables

Bioplastic is living the hype right now due to its eco-friendly claim. Unlike fossil raw materials, bioplastic can partially and fully make it with biological resources. They are suitable for disposable items such as packaging, containers, bags, shoes, straws, and bottles.

5. Hemp

Hemp is a natural plant fibre that comes from the stem of plants like bamboo, jute, and flax. Regarding sustainability, hemp is recognized due to its less harmful environmental impact. You can sew it, wash it in a machine, and dry clean it.

6. Organic Cotton

This kind of cotton grows without pesticides from seed that is not genetically modified. One of the best things about supporting organic cotton products like lanyards is that you help reduce air pollution due to pesticides and provide healthy air for workers and their communities.

Sustainable Branded Merch Ideas

Creativity and sustainability are great ways to gather your ideal customers' attention.
Here is a list of sustainable branded merchandise item ideas you can include for your employee merch packs.

1. Clothes made of organic materials

If you aim for consumers who love sustainable clothing materials, then this merchandise is perfect for your business. There are numerous sustainable fabrics around the world, and one of them is organic cotton, which can create aprons, super-soft tees, dresses, and underwear.

2. Bamboo lunchbox

Bamboo items are sustainable packaging solutions, especially for people who love eco-friendly merchandise. With bamboo items such as a lunchbox, you can promote food storage solutions suitable for transporting and outdoor activities. 

3. Cork notebook

Making notes is essential for every business and every employee. Go for a sustainable way to record your notes and use a cork notebook! This will soon be the next meeting essential for every team member.

4. Aluminium drinking bottle

If you are worried about the health risk in your drinking bottle, well, worry no more as aluminium drinking bottles do not have a high toxic level. Aluminium is 100% more recyclable than other bottles, especially plastic ones. It is also durable due to its high strength and weight ratio.

Make Your Business a Beacon of Sustainability

Many have already supported the advocacy of sustainable living to show their love for our planet. Various businesses also look for eco-friendly merchandise and packaging to contribute to change.

There are also several eco-friendly materials you can source to make a substantial long-term impact. At Monday Merch we are committed to finding the most sustainable products and suppliers possible. That will save the hassle of sourcing for you! Always remember that your investment in sustainable materials will impact the generations to come.

Read more about our sustainable efforts here.