Educational Promotional Products: Choose Your School Merch

Like any other organisation, educational institutions also give helpful merch to students or staff. With the help of promotional merchandise, schools can create an avenue of learning, a sense of community, and a field of encouragement. Not to mention that they can deliver high ROI by simply giving school merchandise.

If your institution is looking for educational promotional items, don’t miss out on this list of promotional products for school. Choose and create your own school merch and let your brand speak on why you are different from competitors.

How Promotional Merchandise Establishes Your School Brand

Before heading to the list, it’s best to know first why you need this promotional merch for your students and staff. School Promotional Merchandise can be your aid in spreading awareness of your institution. This is a tremendous advantage for newly established educational institutions as it can attract more leads.

Promotional merchandise is a great marketing strategy through retention and even buzz marketing. If you’re new in the education industry, it’s highly recommended to send out that merch whenever you’re doing promotion at educational events.

Top Ideas for Educational Promotional Products for Your School

If you are convinced, then now it's time. Let’s head to the list of ideas for educational promotional products. Grab your notes, as this list is a game-changer in your organisation.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

There’s no greater way to promote your brand than by letting your audience know that you support eco-friendly products. Here are some of the sustainable merch you need to consider.

Cork Notebook

Choose an environmentally friendly journal made of recycled cork cover. Pick from fun and standard colours for this A5 cork notebook with approximately 80 sheets of cream-coloured, lined paper. It comes with a handy pen loop, an elastic band to fit your inserts and a reading ribbon. This is a good merch for your students since notes are essential in learning.

Stone Paper Notebook

Include these Moyu Erasable A5 stone paper notebooks. It is made of 700-gram recycled cardboard, and its sturdy cover is available in sleek colours. It also includes a pen and cleaning cloth. Not surprisingly, this school merch is completely tree-free as its page is made of stone paper composed of 80% limestone and 20% clean plastic. Stone paper notebook is sustainable and toxic-free as no water and chemicals are needed to produce them, resulting in 62% fewer C02 emissions.

Bamboo Longlife Pencil

Promoting a bamboo pencil instead of the traditional wood pencil will encourage sustainability. This durable pencil has a bamboo body and a replaceable graphite tip. It has a writing length of about 20,000 metres. Its graphite tip does not need sharpening, making it longer lasting compared to the regular pencil. Also, this one is erasable and comes off with a cap to protect its graphite tip.

Recycled Pen

A recycled pen is a must in your promotional school merch. Try out the senator brand blue-writing biros made from recycled material. Its design is very sleek and is available in matte colours. The pen has a click/push tip button with a standard imprinted 'recycled material' logo next to the clip. These pens are perfect promotional products for teachers since they need it almost every time.

Practical Accessories for Students

In the age of technology, our means and ways of learning have already changed from traditional books to digital devices. This is why giving your students accessories for their devices is a practical approach.

Cork Mouse & Desk Pads

Give each student a personalised cork mouse pad or desktop pad for their computers. This pad can help protect your student’s desk and offer a sound-dampening capability.

Recycled Aluminium Cardholder

Send out these durable card holders made of recycled aluminium. It can store seven passes and allows them to pull out their cards in one-hand movement.

Merch Items for Lunch

Another category to highlight is the merch items for lunch. Here are some of the products you need to consider adding to your list.

Lunch Box

Of course, what’s lunch without a lunch box? Try out an excellent metal lunchbox with a removable divider and clip closure. Try out the bamboo lunch box if you want a more classic vibe. This lunch box is made of PP plastic with a bamboo lid cover and elastic snap closure. 

Stainless Drinking Bottles with School Logo

Aside from the lunch box, another essential thing to include is a drinking bottle. Choose from different sizes and designs of these stainless drinking bottles. Oh, it’s also great merch to place your respective school logo. 

Customised Mugs

Aside from students, it would be best to remember your staff who worked tireless days and nights in your institution. Give them a coffee mug they can use during their break time. You can choose classic, retro, printed, stainless or eco-friendly mugs. And don’t forget to include your school logo. These mugs are essential promotional items for teachers because drinking coffee has always been a part of their routine.

Durable Muesli Container

Studying comes with a lot of hard work and, sometimes, pressure. It's good that students must carry snacks like nuts, choco bars, or mallows. Help them store these snacks by giving them a durable muesli container as part of your promotional merch.

Customised Bags & Backpacks

Having customised bags and backpacks offers belongingness among your peers. Check out these bag types on our list.

Full Colour Tote Bag

The tote bag has been an undying trend across all ages and all regions. Its simplicity and large capacity make so much sense. Equip your students with a full-colour tote bag to embody your school wherever they are.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Be an institution that cares for students' welfare by giving out this anti-theft backpack made of 2-tone polyester. It has hidden zip fasteners at the back, preventing unwanted content access. It has loads of compartments which include a space for a laptop and water bottle.

Ecologically Responsible Shopping Bag

Freebies and a little token of remembrance can take you a long way. Send out this RPET shopping bag during your school fair. Imagine a student, teacher or their family members shopping using these shopping bags. This will organically spread your brand’s presence to help your institution grow. These shopping bags are also excellent promotional gifts for teachers during special events.

School Emblems Stickers

Speaking of customisation, nothing can beat school emblem stickers your student or staff can use on almost every merch they have. Make sure your stickers and school emblems are water-resistant and durable. It may look like a simple decoration for your student's bike, trolley, bag or notebooks. Still, this little decoration comes with pride and ownership of your institution.

Make Your School Make an Impact with these Educational Promotional Products

Create your edge by establishing brand awareness and trust through school promotional merchandise. Have your community use this merch to embody and promote your school around your area.

This will help your organisation strengthen their connection with your current market and potentially increase your capacity for future growth. Though you aim to promote your institution, you must remember that every merch you give must offer functionality and sustainability. Need more functional and sustainable merch for your school? Check out our customisable merch pack.