Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Employees

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and most people are already preparing gifts for their loved ones. Whether it be for their wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or even a special friend, surely those gifts will make them feel loved and happy on Valentine’s Day.

Well, guess what? Your company can also participate in this beautiful event by treating your employees with Valentine's gifts. If you're wondering what to give this upcoming heart's Day, check out these Valentine's day gift ideas for your team.

1. Beverage Set

Since Valentine's Day is worth celebrating, why not spoil your team with a bottle of a good beverage? This is a perfect gift to show that your company celebrates with your team on this lovely Day.

Bottle of Sparkling Wine - JP Chenet

Pack a classic bottle of sparkling wine from JP Chenet for your Valentine's Day gift for your team. This bottle, made in France, embodies the country's rich history, scenery, and beverages. You can choose from Ice Sparkling white, divine demi - SEC Pink, and Ice sparkling pink for a subtle yet delicious world-class taste.

Aside from its delicious taste, JP Chenet is known for its original bottle shape of a slanted neck with a gorgeous body. That is something that will turn heads and amuse your peers. Wrap this surprise in a wine bag and hand it to your sweet colleagues.

Bottle of Champagne - Veuve Bonneval Brut

This classic bottle of champagne - Veuve Bonneval Brut, is magically fermented in France. Its dry and natural sweetness is perfect for a simple solo celebration over a candle-lit dinner on Valentine's Day. This comes in a 750 ml bottle at a much more affordable price than other brands. If you like your glass filled with intricate flavour and refined character, this one is best for you!

Bottle of Wine - Baron

Baron de Valac Vin de Table Rogue is a fine liquor and wine from Bordeaux, France. This merlot with 11% alcohol is best consumed in a cosy dinner alongside meat dishes and spicy cheese. This round, smooth textured-bottle drink is best served at 16 degrees Celsius to fully enjoy its quality. You may opt to select from either red or white de Valac. And, of course, make it sweet. Wrap it up in a red winery bag to highlight Valentine's Day.

2. Bag of Snacks

Sweet treats will always be a go-to gift in this most adorable celebration. Giving these treats will surely mean a lot to your peers. So, grab this list if you plan to pre-pack your own Valentine's treats for your employees.

Bag of Fudge

A delicious and moist fudge pack is an eye-catching and mouth-watering treat for Valentine's Day. Add this snack to your gift pack, and your team will surely appreciate the season. Choose from Lonka Fudge in vanilla, vanille stazak or nougat almond stazak. This delicious, soft fudge has been the expertise of Lonca since 1920.

This treat is something your members can nibble and enjoy during their coffee or tea breaks this Valentine's Day. Make your people feel loved and remembered by adding a classic fudge to your employee Valentine's gift ideas.

Dutch Liquorice Large

Subtly show your appreciation and love to your members with a bag of dutch liquorice. Aside from being a good snack, liquorice is also a healthy food. That's a better reason to add this to your gift pack. Give your members a snack they can enjoy without worrying about their health. Add this 300-gram pack of liquorice with a special note of how much you appreciate them in your team.

Tony's Chocolonely Large Bar

What is Valentine’s Day without chocolates? Tony's Chocolonely Bar is your best option if you want to add a chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is available in milk, hazelnut, caramel sea salt, nougat, pure almond, and a white chocolate flavour.

This 180 grams of classic and mouth-watering treat will bring extraordinary sweetness this Valentine's Day. Plus, Tony supports a slave-free chocolate industry by supporting cocoa farmers with fair-price purchasing. So, grab a bar and include it in your Valentine’s gift pack.

3. Cosy Bath Towels

If you’re thinking of Valentine’s gift your team members can use, consider choosing a cosy bath towel. This may not be a usual gift for hearts day, but it's a good selection in terms of usefulness. Besides, you can select Valentine’s colours, such as pink or red. Then, roll and tie it with a lovely ribbon attached with a special note of appreciation. There you have it, an easy yet thoughtful and helpful corporate gift this Valentine’s Day.

4. Branded Knitted Scarf

Ironically, love and linen keep us warm and safe at most times. With that, why don’t you give a branded knitted scarf to your team this Valentine’s Day? It’s a unique gift idea, perfect for a cold and cosy Valentine's night. Select a burning red scarf or blush pink warmer to make your team feel loved during this occasion. Keep them warm as they go on their dates, hangouts, or even have a great time at home with their loved ones or pets.

5. HappySoaps Body Wash and Shampoo

Valentine's Day is all about love. Thus, self-love is something your peers shouldn’t forget. A great way to remind them to take care of themselves is by sending something to pamper them. Include a pack of happy soaps, body wash and shampoo in your gift pack so your team can have a fantastic bathing experience as part of their self-care routine.

Make it Sweet This Valentines Day

Nothing is more heartwarming than receiving an appreciation gift from the company on Valentine's Day. Send out these adorable and well-thought treats to warm your workspace on hearts day.

These tips for corporate gifting are perfect for bringing your peers a much sweeter Valentine’s Day. If you love to know more about these fantastic Valentine's gift ideas, contact us so we can select and customise your gift packs.