Top 12 Creative Merchandise Item Ideas

Company merchandise has been an excellent gift for your employees, especially now that the holiday season is coming up. Typically companies would think of common items such as branded pens and notepads. However, did you know that you could be more innovative by adding some out-of-the-box and creative merchandise ideas? Here's a list of items you can include for your business’ merch package.

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1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are a pretty flexible type of bag since they have ample spaces and pouches suitable for various purposes. The best thing about these bags are that they're sustainable, versatile, and affordable. With its eco-friendly feature and functionality, it’s expected that this type of merchandise will surely win the hearts of your employees.

2. Merch Backpacks

Merch backpacks are helpful for your employees as they can carry their essential belongings anywhere they want. Quality-wise, you can choose between nylon with YKK zippers or a nylon and polyester combination, a popular material nowadays. In a more meaningful sense, the company can utilise merch backpacks as the official packaging of your merch package.

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3. Wireless Charger

Speaking of something unusual, wireless chargers are one of the most handy and useful electronic products for your employees. I mean we all feel the hassle of having limited sockets for our phone chargers. Not to mention that charger wires aren’t pleasing to see in our working areas. Wireless chargers come in various sustainable styles such as bamboo wireless chargers and wireless charges with housing made from recycled materials.

4. Gym Towel

Do you have employees who actively worksout in the gym or folks who love to do sports activities as team building? If yes, then these gym towels are an excellent addition to your company merch package. Cotton towels are ideal for workout sessions as they absorb sweat better; materials such as cotton-polyester blends, linen, microfibre, and bamboo are good options. There are a variety of colours to choose from, but black or grey are the preferred colours.

5. Wellness Package

Personal hygiene is still essential for everyone nowadays, and that’s why it’s a good addition to your company's merch. You can add hand soap, sanitizer, and lip balm for your wellness package. Undoubtedly, it’s a nice wellness self care set for employees with branded logo. 

6. Merch Phone Case

Sixth on our cool merchandise ideas list is a merch phone case that protects phones from moisture, dust, and other harsh weather conditions. This product comes in various types, such as gel, silicone, leather, and wallet phone cases. You can also pick any colour that resembles your company brand and style.

Merch item ideas for your business

7. Phone Holder

Phone holders are essential tools for your employees, especially when they need to focus at work while they are on their desk. That’s the reason why the phone holder is another unique merchandise idea. When choosing a particular one, always look for magnetic or rigid plastic with soft foam to hold your phone nicely and in place.

8. Laptop Bag

One of the best company merchandise ideas is a laptop bag. This merch will help your employee carry their laptops and other accessories whenever they travel to your site. The best material to look for is polyester, but if you have the budget, you can choose faux leather or leather for extra protection and sleek style. Thinking if the typical laptop bag is too common for your employees? Then why not level up your taste by choosing a laptop backpack or laptop sleeve as your merch?

9. Mouse Mat or Desk Pad

A mouse mat is a creative merchandise idea because it is cost-effective and valuable, especially when working with your computer or laptop. It is also an excellent way to promote your company by putting your logo on it. The best materials are rubber and polyester, which are soft and avoid slippering. Colour varies on your preference, but the best is to stick to black.

10. Lunch Box

Lunch time is the perfect time to connect with your co-workers and employees. How cool would it be if everybody brings their lunch in a company branded lunchbox? A branded lunch box is a bit costly, but unique merchandise ideas. The best material in choosing a lunch box is the metal and plastic combination, as it seals tightly and keeps wrapped sandwiches fresh and free from the hassle of plastic. Other than that, the lunch box is reusable and eco-friendly, leaving your employees guilt-free.

11. Merch Bottle Opener

If you think that a bottle opener is somehow overrated for your merch package, well, you better think again. Merch bottle opener is a creative merchandise idea, especially if you put your logo or design on its handle, making it a lot more customised to its user. The best bottle opener materials are metal or stainless steel and plastic or wood. Colours such as red, green, and blue are the best options.

12. Chocolate

Do you want to level up your merchandise idea? Then chocolate is a unique way to win employees' attention, for who can say no to sweet treats? There are various flavours to work with, and to make it more memorable, you can customise it to a unique design with your brand logo stamped.

Level Up Your Team with these Company Merchandise Ideas

Brainstorming creative merchandise ideas can be fun and exciting. Adding some creativity to your merch package by including catchy items next to the essentials like T-shirts, mugs, branded pens and notepads, is something that can catch the attention of your hardworking employees. Imagine seeing them happy while holding their laptop bags with a unique customised design and logo.

Giving merch packages should be exciting, primarily if your business provides unique and fun products. If you’re having difficulty choosing what to include in your merch package, we will help you with these corporate merchandise ideas. You can choose from our preset packs, or you can customise them according to what fits your company style.

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