Team Building: Winter Activities Ideas

Since the winter season is already here, you might be feeling the pressure of creating fun-filled activities that could hype up your people. It could also be your way of acknowledging their efforts all throughout the year.

As their manager, these winter activities should be your way of brightening the workplace and engaging with your employees. Bring back their productive spirit and strengthen your team’s bond with these team-building winter ideas you can do whether in the office or virtually.

Team building winter activities

Team Building Winter Activities

Now, you might be thinking of what winter activities your team should be into. Well, think no more. Here are some team-building activities for the new year that you might want to try.

1. Gingerbread Masterclass

Unlock your team members' baking skills with a Gingerbread Masterclass event. Your meeting rooms will surely be filled with warm ginger spices and sweet ingredients! Your team members can choose to either make a gingerbread cake, cookies or biscuits. Would it be nice to see them wearing some customised organic aprons while enjoying this class? Not to mention, that it is very timely since they can learn a skill they can use during the holiday season. Doing something out of their comfort zone is an effective way to awaken their sleeping drive and in this case, their holiday spirit as well.

2. Christmas Card Making

The Christmas season is known to be a time for giving and thanksgiving. Therefore, why not encourage your team to express their gratitude by sending some Christmas cards to other colleagues. In this activity, encourage your members to create one letter each to their favourite co-worker or superior that has made an impact in their jobs. Level up the activity by using recycled materials with the help of tape and satin ribbons.

3. Winter Cocktail Workshop

If a Gingerbread masterclass is not something that your team is into, then you can consider a winter cocktail workshop. Launch your very first winter cocktail workshop inside your office. This event will be facilitated by expert cocktail mixers and bartenders that will guide your team in every step. The fun part is as they learn the basic knowledge of mixing their very own margarita they can add their flair as well. Let them give a name and explain their cocktail masterpieces' inspiration to make them fun, lively, and interactive. Who knows you might discover a talent inside your staff with cocktail mixing. 

Ice skating. Team building winter activities

4. Ice Skating

Take your team out for a little action and sweat to an ice skating rink. Not everyone enjoys the cold winter season so this is a great way to show them a fun side of the cold weather. It's effective to take your team out of their working area once in a while for refreshment. Glide, race, and initiate team-building activities inside the smooth ice rink. And oh! Since this is one of the most tiring outdoor winter team-building activities, you might want to surprise them with a customised sports bottle.

5. Themed Escape Rooms

If you are looking for a time and mind-challenging activity, why not try to arrange a themed escape room this winter season? You can create your escape room inside your office with riddles and puzzles to solve or take your team out to a legit facility for the activity. This activity will ignite teamwork and camaraderie with your team to accomplish a goal under time pressure. It's a must-try thrilling adventure. Of course, winners will never leave without something on hand. Show some generosity and reward them with a zipper jacket or premium hoodie.

6. Christmas Charity Volunteering

It’s always a good thing to give back to the community during the yuletide season. Be the catalyst for gift-giving by initiating a Christmas charity volunteering event inside your office. Reach out to a charity case of your choice, may it be for the homeless children, elderly, or any charity organisation. Involve your team members in the actual volunteering activity and make them witness the humbling yet joyful experience of volunteering. Don’t forget to wear your Santa hat to boost the fun and joy of the season.

Virtual team building winter activities

New Year's Virtual Team Building

Let's not forget the team members who are working hard from their homes. It's not impossible to shake things up virtually and help your employees have some fun, even if they’re miles away. This new year, you may want to pick one of these virtual winter activities for your work-from-home people.

1. Online Escape Rooms

Similar to the actual escape room challenge: do you know that there are virtual online games you can log into as a team and play like you are really inside an escape room? The list of themed online escape rooms goes on like Escape: The Midnight Express, Trapped in the Web, Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion, and Alice Escapes Wonderland. Play and solve riddles and puzzles with your team by communicating via zoom as your intercom.

2. Remote Christmas Workshops

A virtual Christmas workshop is also possible, even if your team is all chilling inside their own space. Send them a kit for the workshop and let them login into zoom or any virtual platform for an hour of fun-filled Christmas gingerbread cookie designing, Christmas card making, cocktail mixing, and many more. This will of course be facilitated by a trainer to guide each participant with the correct process and answer their queries.

3. Winter Movie Night

If your people can’t go all together to watch a movie, then why not bring the film to their homes. Why not have a Netflix night as your new year team-building activity? Send your member some goodies like a bag of fudge or dutch waffle to eat. Give them a wine gift set so you can all drink and toast as you enjoy a cosy and feel-good winter film. Then after watching, you can exchange insights about the movie, virtual cheers, and chat about the experience.

4. Team Building Quiz

Team-building quizzes with prizes never go out of style if you want to liven up your employee's during a virtual event. Get them into one virtual room and prepare your holiday trivia and quizzes. Here you'll know who loves the holiday or who the grinch of the group is! It would be even more fun if you can get your team to dress up to get into the holiday spirit! Don’t forget to send the winners some exciting prizes. Check out our preset packs for merch prize ideas.

5. Online Bongo Bingo 

A Holiday Bingo is a familiar activity format that cheers up everyone without fail. But instead of numbers, make your cards with holiday puns, characters, and phrases in them. Distribute these virtual cards to your members and draw each letter in the usual bingo format. Make sure to prepare an exciting grand prize that will excite your members to hit blackout! 

Level Up Your Winter Employee Engagement Ideas

Since we are spending more time at home during the cold winter days, we need to search for other activities. So, break the ice and create an exciting team-building activity for your team whether in the office or virtually this winter season. As a responsible manager, you should be proactive in encouraging your peers to enjoy their work even in a challenging cold season.