Sports Branded Merch Pack Ideas

Team building is a great opportunity for your employees to bond, get to know each other and share exciting moments with their colleagues outside. The best idea to maximise your team building is to spend it with sports activities! And of course you can level up that experience by giving them sports merch to bring during the activities.

Wondering what sports merch items to give? Then this article is for you!

Sports Branded Merch for Sports Team Building Activities

A successful team-building activity can have a lot of positive effects on your company. It promotes camaraderie, improves job satisfaction, and creates a collaborative work environment. That’s the reason why you should always make the most fantastic experience for your employees during your yearly team-building activity. A great way to make your team building experience even better is by adding sports branded merchandise that your team will love to wear during the activities!

Top Ideas for Sports Merchandise for Employees

Since you already understand the positive effect of sports branded items for your team, then it is time to enumerate those sports merch ideas. Here are the top merchandise ideas you must consider for your team-building activity. 

Customised Sport Bag

First on the list would be a durable customised sports bag. You may choose a retro design that will take your members back to the 1970s. This also comes with a sturdy polyester design, a padded interior, spacious compartments, and a zipper lock with handles for a durable and ecological quality. 

You can curate your own sports bag for all your participants beforehand to carry their stuff for your team-building trip. Then afterwards, they can still use it during their personal or business travels to remind them of the excitement they felt during your team building event.

Comfortable Corporate Branded Sports Clothes

They say always dress up for the occasion. That saying is also applicable to sporting activities. If you plan to make your members run, jump, tumble and roll on your team building, better equip them with comfy corporate sports attire. Here are some quick and easy merch ideas you can choose from. 

1. Customised Shorts

Comfortable bottom wear is a much-needed attire for every sports event. Allow your members to move freely and flexibly with a mini mesh line interior unisex sports shorts with drawstring.

Choose a polyester fabric for that lightweight and the airy fabric feels. Then, add your company logo for that branded touch.

2. Sports T-Shirts with Corporate Logo

Of course, comfy sports shorts should be matched with a sports T-shirt. Include a customised T-shirt in your sports merch pack for your employees. You can select colours for each team and customise a fun name. But make sure the shirt material is stretchable with quick-drying properties to fit the drenching activities you've prepared for them!

3. Recycled Socks

Your peers might slip and tumble as they run across the field, but a good sports sock can save them from accidents and injuries. Help your peers protect their toes and ankles with circular socks made of cotton, polyester and elastane.

4. Corporate Branded Hoodies

Now let’s proceed with the merch souvenirs. You can order and customise your own branded hoodies. This is something your employees can add to their casual work wardrobes. Pick a quality unisex zipped hoodie made of premium shrunk cotton and recycled PET. Keep your members warm with these fashionable and eco-friendly hoodies.

5. Company Branded Sports Caps

Since we’re talking about sports wear, why not add a classic sports cap to your merch pack? Customise your company caps and distribute these fantastic headgears to your employees. Choose a Beechfield cap of 100% cotton for high-quality material and sleek shape and style.

Sports Towels

As expected, unleashing your employees' team spirit will require some stretch, spin and a lot of sweat. So you better add a sports towel to your sports merch pack for your team-building event. Select a 100% cotton material to ensure it will absorb a good amount of sweat from the challenging games that you have.

Reusable Sports Bottle

Hydration is essential to keep your member's energy and enthusiasm up until they reach the end of your program. In that case, why not give out a reusable sports bottle with a 500 ml capacity? Make sure it’s also made of 100% Recycled PET with a collapsible mouthpiece and lockable straw. And, of course, don’t forget to add your logo for classic yet minimalistic branding. 

Plant Made Ball for Volleyball

If volleyball is one of the main group games you planned for team building, then a plant-made volleyball is a perfect prize for the participants. It is made of a combination of jute, natural rubber and wood, making it totally eco-friendly.

Bring Out the Fun with These Sports-Branded Merch

Your team-building exercises aim to bring out the fun in your team. A sports activity with sports-branded merch is a great way to unleash team spirit.

Entice them with quality items and make them look forward to the event. If you need help creating customised merch packs, we are here to help you! Send us a message, and we will be glad to assist you.