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Helping Somnox to stay focused on sleep with taking merch out of their hands

Julian explains how Somnox was born: ‘’Somnox was started from the desire to help my mom who was a very poor sleeper. She would be awake all night and in the beginning days when founding the company I was in the University of Technology Delft and that’s where we have invented the sleep robot, which is a product that helps people calm down through the power of breathing so you can actually feel that physical sensation of the pulse of the exhalation and inhalation of breathing which is proven to actually calm down the autonomic nervous system.’’

Julian Jagtenberg

Co-founder, Somnox

''The moment we took it and we shared it with the team, you could feel it like it was a football team. The moment you get your shirt, like, you’re number 11, you’re number 12.''


The nice thing about Monday Merch for us was, we had our brand look, which already had the logos and the way we are very particular about colours and typography and we just basically uploaded it and what we got was the fulfillment, the design and everything which came towards us in a case which was already full.

It was like a full goodie bag which we can hand to new employees. The merch packs include everything, so we don’t need to take care of the hassle of getting back and forth with manufacturers. It’s really the piece of mind to have this goodie bag knowing that when a new employee starts, you can give them their branded employee merch without the hassle of fulfillment and designing it. So, that was a great experience.

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