Product Customization Techniques We Use At Monday Merch

Product personalisation is altering products to the personal needs and desires of customers. Using product personalisation for merch items can create a unique customer experience, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and revenue, and enhance your brand image. It demonstrates that your brand values individuality and puts the customer at the heart of your business, setting you apart from the competition.

Product Customization Methods Used by Monday Merch 

Product Customization could be either custom made products which are made for a specific customer or made-to-order products, using a standardised production method with a range of options provided within existing specifications. These are the customization methods used most by Monday Merch:

1. Transfer Print

This technique involves digital printing the desired image on a special foil, crop it after a preset shape and then applying it on the item by hot pressing. Transfer printing is suitable for printing with many different colours. Compared to screen printing, transfer printing is better suited for short runs.

- Efficient for small productions
- Popping result!
- Unlimited colours can be used at no additional charge
- Gradient logos can be printed

2. Screen Print

This is a silk screen or digital print on a paper label. This is specially prepared for the transfer to be applied at high temperature on the object using a hot-press.

- Efficient for large productions
- Additional costs per colour used
- Gradient logos cannot be printed

3. Embroidery

This technology highlights the logo with elegance: the logo is embroidered on the object's surface. The embroidery can be made on plain/flat surfaces (clothing) or irregular/uneven surfaces such as hats, backpacks, bags, etc. We can control multiple machines at the same time and set multiple colors per embroidery. Clothing with embroidery has a chic look and is often used as corporate clothing.

- Gradient logos cannot be embroidered
- Nr. colours is limited to ±12

4. Laser Engraving

This technique uses a laser beam to print text, logos or drawings by engraving the object’s surface. Generally it is used on metal but the same technique can also be applied with excellent results on wood or plastic.

- Only 1 colour can be used
- Sustainable
- Premium look

5. Pad Printing

This method is the fastest and most accurate because it allows printing of logos with a high number of colours on usually most surfaces. Generally the print is applied on small objects made of plastic or other hard materials, on which the paint is transferred with a silicon pad.

- Additional costs per colour used
- Gradient logos cannot be printed

6. Custom Made

Customised products are unique and built-to-order. The colour of the whole item can be made in a PMS colour of choice.

- Longer production time
- Whole product can be customized
- Larger MOQ

Find the Perfect Method for Your Brand

Product personalisation is a valuable tool for brands looking to create a unique customer experience, increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and enhance their brand image. We offer a range of customisation methods, including transfer printing, screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, pad printing, and custom-made products, to cater to the unique needs of their customers. Not sure which method fits your needs best? Send us a message and we are happy to help you!