Office Parties For Christmas 2022: Best Ideas and Tips

Preparing for an office Christmas party has been a tradition to collectively celebrate the wins with your team and promote camaraderie. It's a way of giving back to your people and allowing them to enjoy and bond.

Even though it has been a tradition, there are still many ways to twist and add exciting elements to your office Christmas party. You’re probably already in the midst of your preparation. But if you need more ideas, stay with us. In this article, grab some fantastic tips to help launch the best office Christmas party.

Office parties for Christmas

Tips For Your Best Christmas Party At Workplace

You are up for good fun and pressure if you are to set and prepare for your office Christmas party. Weighing what your team will enjoy versus what is doable and practical is one of many considerations you need to look into. If you are a newbie with event preparation, here are some tips and guides on arranging an excellent office Christmas party

Set a Party Budget

It's best to set a maximum overall budget, then break it down and allocate it to the expected expenses. You need to foresee the main and menial cost to make your party a blast! For instance, your main cost would be food, drinks, venue, decoration, etc. While the menial cost could be your transportation and other miscellaneous fees. Once you've listed all the expenses you can foresee, arrange this base of the highest importance. This method will help you prioritise your payment. Oh! And speaking of prioritisation, remember always to add a contingency budget for unexpected menial costs.  

Consider The Space

Always do a headcount before the event. Understand how large or small your attendees will be. This will help you in selecting the best-fitted Christmas party venue. You wouldn't want the platform to be small and uncomfortable to move around for your team, and you also wouldn't want it to be too large since the event goal is to mingle and promote camaraderie. You need just enough space for dancing, games, and bonding with your team members. You can also maximise your budget with your selected Christmas venue. 

Decide On A Christmas Party Theme

Unleash your creative juices and list your ideas for your Christmas party theme! You may think that this is traditional, but it's a must! Attendees get excited and giddy to prepare their outfits for a fun Christmas night to remember. This is why you should pick an exciting theme for your fun Christmas party. You can always select from colour-based fashion styles or dress-up themes for your Christmas party. Always remember to make it easy to understand. Some employees avoid attending Christmas events because they find the themed outfit challenging to bring, so make sure to add guides and prepare pegs or sample styles. You want your Christmas theme to be equally exciting and inviting at the same time. 

Involve the staff

All hands must be on deck. The best way to entice your members to participate in your Christmas Party in the office is to involve them in little ways with the preparation. For example, the theme, once you've broken down your options, you can create a poll for everyone to vote for their desired piece. This is an effective way to spark both their interest and involvement.
On the other hand, for your members who are directly involved with the planning. It is wise to practise brainstorming, hear their ideas for the party, and choose from thereon. In the same way, this creates involvement and also accountability. There are also perspectives and angles you'll miss on the way, so let your team be your eyes and hands as you plan for your upcoming 2022 Christmas party. 

Take Care Of The Decorations

As you've already picked your Christmas party theme: the next thing to consider will be your decorations. First things first, how big will the venue be? If you are anticipating a small to medium size venue, it's best to take care of decoration yourself. This will save you lots of additional expenses for decoration set-up. Whereas, if you expect a more significant number of attendees in a bigger venue, it's best to let the venue coordinator handle the job. Decorations are essential in setting the mood of your party, so make sure it's on point and striking!

Think About Food And Drinks

Who’s not in for food? Well, the success of your office Christmas party typically determines by the food you've prepared for your employees. So make sure to select a set menu that will fill the hearts and stomachs of your guest to its content! Most of the time, venues and food and drinks go as a package: make sure to go over the service provider's choices and do food tasting! Also, consider the different lifestyles of your team members and remove food with allergens when choosing a set menu. 

Consider Christmas Party Activities

Aside from the mingling and bonding during the Christmas party, consider adding little activities or a short program to your office Christmas party. Adding activities can be a great ice breaker to set the party mood slowly and hype everybody. Arrange something engaging and fun, and let your team members participate and meet each other. You can do good-old Christmas charades, Pictionary, beer pong, and other interactive games. It's the best time to let loose and let Christmas merry spirit takeover!

Gifts for Christmas office parties

Think About Gifts for Christmas Games

Your Christmas games for office parties should have exciting prizes to entice your members to participate. We have listed some of the best merry Christmas gifts and game prizes to help you in your planning.

Christmas Ball 

Add a fancy Christmas ball with logo to your gifts for small game prizes. Your team can use a little Christmas memento item on their home decoration. Something to keep and remind them of the cheerful Christmas office celebration they had. Make it look cute and can be decorated for any season. Something they can place beside their table lamp with mood lighting. 

Santa Hat

Another Christmas game gift is a cute Santa hat. Your team can use this as a decoration or match it on their outfit. Perfect for little game prizes or as a giveaway to all attendees to add a little flare of Christmas spirit to their look.

Bottle of Craft Beer

Goodies are always a good idea for Christmas game prizes. Add a bottle of craft beer to your list for those little consolation prizes. Your team can chug it down during the party, or save it for a solo drinking session once they get home from the blast.  

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Always consider non-alcoholic members for your prize list. If your organisation promotes a healthy lifestyle and activities, alcoholic beverages should be the least of your priorities. In that case, cleverly add a non-alcoholic craft beer to your prize list, so they can still feel the vibes of the party and the fun of drinking even if it’s not really alcoholic.

Bottle of Wine

Entice your member to join your Christmas games with a fancy and classic prize. Be sure to add a celebration bottle for the holidays. Let the winner take home a good bottle of wine or a classy bottle of champagne from our merchandise selection. 

Christmas Packs

Still thinking of more creative and relatable prizes? Then we recommend you prepare excellent Christmas packs for everyone to take home to their families. Wrap in assorted goodies of chocolate, nuts, cheese biscuits, and many more.

Corporate gifts for Christmas office parties

Work Christmas Party Ideas

Spark something creative and new at your upcoming Christmas party! Instead of hosting a traditional thanksgiving, give it a fab twist and check out these work Christmas party themes you should consider. 

Christmas Costume Party

Who wouldn't want the chance to dress up as your favourite character? May it be a superhero or your loved anime character. We all want to, and we want a reason to do so! This is your opportunity to give your team a moment to relieve their childhood dreams by hosting a Christmas costume party. 

Christmas Pyjama Party

Some say you show your true self when you feel at home. For the upcoming office Christmas party, why not relax, be comfortable and grab your pj's? Toast and celebrate on the holidays for the achievements and learnings you've earned this year with your team! 

International-Themed Christmas Party

Bring different Christmas traditions into one place and let your team explore the joy of the holidays worldwide. Host an international-themed Christmas party and fill your banquet with Christmas delicacies from other countries. Make your theme truly world-class.

Karaoke Office Christmas Party

For a small office Christmas party idea, Karaoke night is an absolute go-to! A fun night of singing and dancing with a bit of alcohol and unlimited pick-a snacks! Karaoke night allows the small group to share intimate and clever stories creating a bond with each member. If you want to get to know your members well, giving them a mic and the centre stage is an excellent way to go.

Christmas Pet Party

Pet moms and dads will love a Christmas pet party! It's heartwarming to have a meet and greet with your officemate's pet babies and parade them around. Oh well, why not spice up the party and let your pets dress up in their favourite costume? 

Silent Disco 

If you want to go for something peculiar and to exhilarate this coming holiday, why not try a Silent Disco Christmas party? Hire a Silent Disco service and party with your headphones on with a sick music mix in the background! 

Christmas Games For Office

All set with your party theme? How about your games? Now you might be thinking of fun activities to do. Well, we’re here to help you with these simple yet entertaining games and activities you can try at your 2022 office Christmas party. 

Interactive Online Games

Physical games and activities are fun, but so are online games, especially when you're on a remote set-up! You can try many options, like hosting an online Christmas bingo or online charades and mad libs. Do this on a virtual call and have fun even when you're at home at your virtual Christmas party. 

Secret Santa

Secret Santa never gets old. Collect your name and draw in your gift receiver one by one. On the day of the exchange, your secret Santa will leave your gift and your name, and you'll have to guess who your secret Santa is. It's a clever way to exchange gifts for the holiday season.

Sweet Exchange

Receiving goodies and sweet treats is very much appreciated during the holiday. Like Secret Santa, the adorable exchange is simply exchanging cupcakes, pies, cookies, and more with the team member you draw. If your team is up for a sugar rush, you should try this activity.

Tree Decorating Competitions

Enable the competitive spirit of your members with challenging activities, even on the holidays, with a tree decorating competition. You can divide your team per department or equally mix them around for a twist. Be sure to give a rewarding price and recognition to the team with the most creative and unique tree!

Guess the Workmate

Speaking of another fun idea, Guess the workmate is an exceptional choice. You need to secretly collect baby photos of each member, request unique details about them, their experience, likes, and dislikes, and let the other members guess who is who! It's fun to get to know each other and have an excellent shared laugh at your party.

Hidden Christmas Symbols

Since everybody loves Easter egg hunting, then why not bring it to Christmas? The game's mechanics are simply finding all hidden Christmas symbols around your office within the time limit. The person with the most collected Christmas signs will win the highest prize, while other participants get treats and consolation! The time limit and friendly competition will make the hunt exciting for everyone.

Make Your Corporate Christmas Party Memorable

Give your members a chance to let loose after the hard work and effort they contributed to making the year a success. Level up the celebration for your office Christmas party with these new and fun ideas and tips you've learned in this article. And if you are looking for gifts, prizes, and package builders for your party takeaways, check out affordable Christmas preset packs.