Merch Gifts for Remote Employees: Top 17 Ideas

Since the holiday season is almost knocking on our front door, it’s typical for a company to prepare merch gifts that could bring smiles to their employees. However, if you have a hybrid in-office and work-from-home setup for your peers, it’s a no-brainer that you need to send gifts to employees working from home as well.

So how do you bring smiles to them when they’re probably miles away? Well, by sending them extraordinary remote employee appreciation gifts. Now, the question would be, what kinds of gifts will you give them? Here are 17 merch gift ideas for employees working from home.

Corporate gifts for remote employees

Accessories for Home Office

Having decent, spacious and neat working areas is a must to perform effectively even at home. And it’s even motivating if your company shows extra support for your setup. Check out these home office gift ideas you can include in your gift pack.

1. Branded Mug

Caffeine, tea, or anything tasty! Everybody needs a reliable, sturdy mug! Add it to your gift package with your company logo on it. You may include a classic mug or level up with a retro or Espresso Glass mug.

2. Drinking Bottle

Needless to say, hydration is essential. Most of the time, your hardworking team member needs to remember that as they are too immersed in their tasks. So, why don’t you give them an eco-friendly drinking bottle to remind them of their water breaks? 

3. Mouse Mat

Another workplace essential you should consider is a mouse mat! A classic-designed rubber pad could be a time saver as it helps your members to move efficiently and effectively on their table. Roll this up and add to your gifts for employees working from home.

4. Branded Pens and Notebooks

Taking notes, reminders, and tasks will help your employees organise their daily routines properly. Make sure to aid your members with branded pens and notebooks to improve their productivity at home.

Gifts for remote employees

Cosy Merch Items

Aside from work office essentials, you can also add some cosy merch. Make it personal and align it with your brand’s principles.

5. Company T-Shirts, Hoodies, or Sweaters 

Adding organic T-shirts, organic heavy hoodies, and/or organic premium sweaters to your merch pack are outstanding gift ideas for remote employees. Give your team something comfortable to wear during this cold holiday season.

6. Branded Socks

If your team is engaged in sports, this one might be for them. Add a pair of branded socks to your gift box—something your people can use on their physical pursuits inside or outside the organisation. This will also keep them warm during the upcoming colder days of course! 

7. Branded Blanket

Something functional can always go right if you plan to send gifts to remote employees. A branded high-quality blanket can be a lifesaver for employees working their shifts in a cold winter season. Success guaranteed ;-)! They will be thankful to have it!

8. Bathrobe

Bathrobes might not be the number one option of every company for their employee gift box, but it is a good one, especially if your industry is in beauty or fashion. Creating a beauty gift box for your employees can help your team embrace your company, values, vision, and identity as if it's their own.

9. Toiletry Bag

Who says a beauty routine isn’t essential when working at home? Spoil your people with a bag full of essential toiletries to promote self care and health.

10. Scented Candle

Something novelty, pleasant and appealing delights everyone. A scented candle with a fresh scent can brighten one's day, especially when working hard for deadlines and reports. In addition, this will also keep them warm and cosy during the cold winter shifts.

11. Branded Soap

Who doesn't want some fragrant goodies? Add some branded soap if you plan to create an essential hygiene kit for your people working remotely.

12. Hand Lotion

More essential beauty goodies can never go out of style. After long hours of emailing, analysing, and typing through your remote employees, a little hand care cream or lotion can be soothing and rewarding.

Tech Gift Ideas for Employees Working from Home

Tech products can give a helping hand to your remote team members. How about sending them work-from-home-set-up-friendly accessories they can use at work? Here are some ideas:

Tech gift ideas for remote employees

13. Custom Branded Headphones

Working from home requires a lot of virtual discussions and meetings. Make sure to aid people with good quality and customised branded headphones they can use during calls to discuss and connect with their faraway members and colleagues.

14. Branded Desk Lamp

Lighting is essential to work efficiently, especially on virtual calls and meetings. You can send your team members working from home branded desk lamps and help them keep their work well-lit.

15. Custom Branded Power Bank

Today, power banks are a must-have product on everyone's bag as they can use them for professional and personal business functions. You may opt to include a wireless or RPEt power bank.

16. Branded Phone Wireless Charger

Keep your members reachable and fully charged with a branded phone wireless charger as part of your remote employee appreciation gifts. Success will be guaranteed with this gift!

Corporate Gift Box for Remote Employees

The list of excellent gifts for remote employees is endless. Therefore sending an item or two is a total headache. If that’s the case, then why not give them a box full with goodies?

17. Customised Corporate Gift Box

Creating your own gift box is challenging, especially if you don’t know what to include. Fret not, though. We’re here to help you. You can check our preset merch package, or you can also try to make your own customised gift pack

Make Your Remote Employees Feel Belong

Creating a solid team can be challenging if some employees work away from the office. Build a tight bond and connection with your members and motivate them to perform well and efficiently at home by sending out an encouraging box of merch and goodies.

The goal is always to reach each member and make them feel welcomed and involved. Your people are critical factors in making the company grow. Therefore, you should be mindful of investing in things that can encourage, motivate, and make them happy.