Last Minute Corporate Gift Ideas

The last thing you want when there's an important occasion in your organisation is doing last-minute sourcing for corporate gifts. As much as you want to avoid the hassle of looking for last-minute corporate gifts, unfortunate situations might hinder your organisation from preparing ahead of time.

If you think it's already too late to send gifts to your hard-working peers, better think again! Buckle up as we prepare the best corporate gifts you can buy, even if you're in a hurry. Well, thank us later.

Sample Gift Ideas

Giving corporate gifts motivates your people to work harder and excel in their tasks. This will also create a tighter bond among colleagues, clients, and partners. Some managers consider gifting as an ace card to reach out and strengthen their team. With that, here are some easy gift ideas you can work on for your last-minute corporate gifting.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are always the quickest and most practical surprise anyone would love to receive. It will give your employee a chance to pick a product they need without taking too much time canvassing and conceptualising.

You can buy gift cards from local stores and shops, or you may opt to create gift cards for your products. However, make sure to select quality and reliable providers for your colleagues.

Customised Wellness Products

As most folks always say, it's safest to pick functional gifts everyone can use. With that, giving a merch pack full of essential bath products will surely make your peers happy.

Be as fabulous as you can be by adding soap, sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitiser, and bath towels. The best thing about this product idea is that you have the liberty to become creative by adding some personal notes and sealing everything with beautiful branded gift packaging.

Company Branded Snack Box

Still on the lookout? This gift idea might be the perfect one for you. Because who wouldn't want a box full of yummy goodies?

Indeed, everyone would enjoy a box of snacks they can nibble on during their shifts. You can include organic chips, salted peanuts, fruit candies, dutch liquorice, a bag of fudge, and nuts. You may also have some healthy snacks and avoid items with allergens as much as possible.

Branded Treats

Admit it or not, branded treats will always be a hit for everyone. This last-minute corporate gift idea brings out a luxurious appeal your employees will love.

Try to include something fancy like a bottle of Baron Wine or Ponte Villoni Prosecco. You can also add sports accessories like socks, water bottles, and branded sports bags, especially for those athletic members. Make them feel special by giving them treats that bring an elegant touch and uniqueness.

Customised Tech Items

In the modern age of technology, giving branded tech gifts as your corporate present will ignite the techy hearts of your peers. You can customise a phone holder, wireless charger, power bank, or laptop bag.

Add your branding to these functional items so your members can use them with pride and ownership. Although some tech merch may be expensive, it is still a great concept to consider when your organisation has a reasonable budget.

Bonus Tip: Branded Packaging

On the practical side, you can buy branded merch that is already sorted and packed on boxes. These can be ordered online or through their physical store. This will save you time from curating and packaging products. Just make sure that you carefully review all the listed items inside the branded package before ordering them to avoid hassle.

You may opt to add a customised card, stickers, tapes, and ribbons to make it more unique and align to your organisation.

Packaging of last minute corporate gift

How to Get Branded Company Items from Monday Merch

With all these fantastic customised corporate gift ideas, surely you're already wondering how to create one. This may be a headache if you're in a rush, considering the time and effort needed for sourcing the packaging, products, and merchandise supplier. Well, forget all those hassles, as we are here to help you save time and money in curating your gift merch packs.

You can choose a pack that suits your ideal package through our website. We are offering preset packs, wherein everything is prepared and curated already. However, you can also choose to customise the products you wish to include in your package.

Once you're done selecting a pack, upload your logo and fill in the needed details such as quantity, delivery, and other additional information. Place your order and wait up to 24 hours for our team to get back to you with the complete concept and quotation.

Once an order is confirmed, our team will monitor production until it arrives smoothly in its designated location. Lack of space in your office? We can take care of your warehousing and storage needs! We will keep track of inventory and send packages when they're needed. Not to mention that you can take advantage of our negotiated shipping rates.

Box with company logo for last minute corporate gifts

Never Too Late to Send Corporate Gifts

There is no right or wrong time to send corporate gifts, whether for your clients, partners, or employees. The thought and effort will surely outweigh your timing, so make sure your corporate boxes are memorable and remarkable. Cheer your people and harness a good connection throughout the year with these simple yet achievable gift ideas with the help of Monday Merch. We provide a fast solution to your corporate gift dilemma. Visit our website and order your last-minute gifts now!