Corporate Gifts for Coffee Lovers

No matter what time of the day, coffee is the number one drink that comes to mind when you want to recharge and awaken your tired mind and body. This is absolutely true in the office. Most of your team members will probably prefer to start their day with a sip of their favourite americano or skinny latte.

According to the National Coffee Association of the USA, 7 out of 10 people drink coffee daily and consume at least 3 cups. With that, why don’t you take that opportunity to make their coffee breaks more exciting and fun by including some coffee merchandise in your corporate merch packs?

After all, giving coffee merchandise is one of the best corporate gifting tips you can always consider.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers in Your Office

Here are some of the best coffee gift ideas your people would love to receive. Grab your list and make sure to include these items.

Business Branded Coffee Mugs

Gift them the best company mug to replace their old ones. Choose from different materials and styles from our mug selection. 

Company Branded Mug for Espresso

A merch pack for strong coffee lovers? Pick out this contemporary clear glass espresso mug. The size and shape of these mugs are perfectly fitted on any coffee espresso machine. Customise it by adding your company logo for a classy corporate touch.

Eco Coffee Mug

Support sustainability by adding this natural and reusable coffee mug. It is made of 100% FSC-certified cork, both biodegradable and renewable. Meanwhile, the inside is made of compostable polylactide material. This eco mug can hold up to 350 ml. Encourage your employees to use eco-friendly items as they enjoy their coffee breaks.

Reusable Coffee Cup with Screw Lid

Another option is to give a reusable coffee cup with a screw lid and silicone sleeve. This cup is dishwasher and microwave-safe. Pack this reusable coffee cup as a gift to your always-on-the-go employee. 

Stainless Steel Cork Coffee Tumbler

If you want something unique and modern, try this stainless steel cork coffee tumbler. This is made from 100% GRS-certified PP. GRS is a certification that ensures a wholly certified supply chain of recycled materials. This style is very chic and neat and has a warm combo with its cork bottom part to avoid slipping and spillage. Moreover, this tumbler can warm your coffee for up to 3 hours and cold it for up to 6 hours.

Fragrant Customised Coffee with Candies

Your coffee-inspired merch will only be complete with a pack of coffee beans or coffee drips. Aside from that, it would be best to pair it up with quality snacks or candy treats. Here are some additional merch items your people would love during their coffee time.

Aromatic Coffee

Add a pack of coffee beans to your corporate merch. You can choose from classic Arabica/Robusta in 150-gram, 250-gram or 500-gram. This pairing will be much appreciated and enjoyed by your colleagues while they're in the office. 

Colombia Cold Drip Coffee

Include this exceptional cold drip coffee with an explosive and spicy approach. This will definitely give your people an incredible coffee treat. This cold coffee drip is made from Columbia and has higher acidity than our other coffees. Introduce your colleagues to new and refreshing coffee options.

Tony's Chocolonely Large Bar

A sweet bar of chocolate is an excellent pair for a hot cup of coffee. Add a Tony's Chocolonely Bar to your gift pack to add a smile to your employee’s faces. It comes in unique varieties you can mix and match with your gift. Choose from milk, milk hazelnut, milk caramel sea salt, milk noga, pure, pure almond, and white in this 180-gram bar.

Branded Cookies

Well, nothing beats the duo of a cup of coffee and branded cookie. These cookies will balance the taste of your peer’s espresso. You can choose from oreo or chocolate cookies and design your packaging to match your customised mugs. This is also an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, especially if they share it with their loved ones and friends.

Give the Best Coffee Merch for Your People

Giving coffee gift packs as your corporate merchandise is one of the best items you can give to your hardworking people. Motivate, create connections and boost your people's confidence by ensuring they’ll have great coffee breaks.

If you’re pondering how to mix and match coffee merch for your corporate gifts, you’re in the right place. We will help you decide on which combination of items will satisfy your employees. Moreover, we can also assist you in curating, packaging, storing, and delivering these gift merch to your peers. You only need to message us, and we’ll take care of the work for you.