Corporate Gifting: Ideas, Examples, Program Types

Behind every successful company there are groups of hardworking people who help establish and build it. Taking care of your people by adequately dealing with, appraising and motivating them reflects the brand you promote. That means you can also create a positive impact on your corporate clients. Well, what else could encourage your hardworking team other than giving them some corporate gift items? That’s where corporate gifting will take place.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is an appreciative way of sending small tokens or gifts to your client, customer, employee, or partner. Giving corporate gifts for clients or employees is also a great way to build relationships and boost existing partnerships. Needless to say, a corporate gift program must be something you should include in your company’s yearly agenda.

Corporate gifting

Why does Corporate Gifting Matter

Corporate gifting is a popular tradition of companies executed during company anniversaries, events, and, most notably, during the holiday season. It is the best time to show in simple gestures that your company remembers and appreciates the past contributions of the people who help make your business successful. It is wise to do corporate gifting, whether big or small, as it positively affects your business operation in many ways. If that doesn’t convince you yet, here are other reasons you should start your corporate gift program. 

1. Helps in Building Relationships

Corporate gifting helps start a great relationship through positive impressions. This is a good gesture that can ignite appreciation in your employees. Sending corporate gifts to employees does wonders in fostering good relations between an employee and employer. It heightens your people's sense of belongingness and strengthens their bond with the company. On the other hand, sending the right gifts at the right time can establish a closed-knitted partnership with your corporate clients. 

2. Inspires your Team

Who wouldn’t be glad to receive a gift from the company you’re working with? We said it before, and we will never get tired of saying that giving corporate gifts to employees encourages them to work better and motivates them to stay and contribute to your company's growth. Another positive impact of having a corporate gift program as a part of your company's culture is it attracts more talent. For example, it is stated in your company profile that you value employee service and awards and recognise them for their loyalty through gifts or plaques. In that case, this could incite interest in your talent acquisition. Employees and applicants alike are looking for a positive corporate setup with a work-life balance and rewarding culture, so consider building a corporate gift program for your business, as it does wonders within your workforce.

3. Incites Interest in Prospects

We are certain that your long-term goal is to continuously grow and expand your business through closing deals and attracting more corporate clients to your brand, service, or products. Sending corporate gifts to clients is an excellent way of giving them a wonderful partnership experience which can lead to great feedback or testimonials on your company page. If that happens, it will incite curiosity towards other businesses to partner with you. Not to mention that your corporate clients might refer you to other organisations. If that’s the case, you must ensure that your corporate gift program is exciting and remarkable. Wondering what those exciting corporate gift ideas are? Wonder no more, check out our merch packs at Monday Merch.

4. Promotes Loyalty

Corporate gifting promotes loyalty and a stronger bond between corporate clients and employees. For employees, receiving gifts and branded items from the company gives them a sense of ownership for their actions and performance. Giving them positive affirmations makes them feel wanted and encourages them to stay and do better. For clients, it stimulates them to support the brand even more and promotes good harmony, which is essential to fostering long-term relations.

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Ideas for corporate gifting

Tips on Building a Corporate Gift Program

A well-executed corporate gift program is like a secret chess move of every successful organisation. It can lead to significant retention and recall, increase successful deals, and enable long-term business partnerships with clients. So how do you build the best corporate gifting program? Your corporate gift program should always be created with the following key points.

1. Define your Audience

The first is to define your audience. You wouldn't want to send the wrong impression or message to your gift receiver. Therefore, you must clearly state to whom you are sending your gift. Is it giving corporate gifts to employees, or is it for your corporate clients? Defining your audience will also let you understand the nature of your gift. Should it be grand, charming, heartfelt, or formal? Learning the nature of your audience will help you correctly plan, conceptualise, and even budget your gift program, so you wouldn't overstate or understate your strategy.

2. Define a Goal

The next step in defining your audience is understanding your gifting goal. Is it for your employee's retention? A token of appreciation or seasonal gifting? For your clients, is it for a new partner or a long-term relationship? State your goals, as each requires a unique gifting, allocation, and budgeting approach. Brainstorm with your team to help you achieve the right and targeted goal.

3. Choose Your Corporate Gifts

Choosing corporate gift items is a fun yet challenging part of building your corporate gift merch package. You must consider all points, goals, audience, budget, and timing. You should state all your options into a list to help you slowly break down the appropriate gifting per receiver. Picking a unique yet well-thought gift is essential, as your objective always goes down to establishing a good connection between you and your audience. We specialise in curating the best corporate gifting program for your goals. With a long list of options for your personalised and branded merchandise, we can help you effortlessly build a remarkable corporate gift program.

4. Choose the Right Time

Finding the right timing when sending your corporate gift is essential. A good example is your employee's corporate gift for their years of service; you would want it to be early enough as the goal is to make them feel appreciated and motivated for their loyalty, right? Timing, consistency, and frequency of your corporate gifting are essential. Many companies do brand internal gifting per quarter and distribute this to their employees as it positively affects their morale and performance. Choose the right cadence and deliver your message at the right time.

5. Choose a Shipping Method

When you're all set with your corporate gifting list, the last thing to decide will be how you will distribute them. With a long list of clients, partners, and employees, you will need space to secure or store your corporate gifts before their delivery. It will be fine if you have room to space in your office. However, tracking and monitoring of stocks, as well as the delivery, will be another issue. If that is something you’re worried about, then it’s your lucky day, we’re here to help you. You can simply choose a corporate gift package from our preset packs or create your own merch package. After that, we will take care of the production, storage, and distribution. Hassle-free, isn’t it?

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Promotional Gift Ideas for Business

Promotional gift ideas will help you achieve and build connections with your employees or corporate client relationships. If you are running out of ideas for your corporate gifting program, here are some unique and creative recommendations you can consider.

1. Wellness Box

Keeping your people healthy is the number one priority of responsible employers. Send your employees a wellness box and make them feel taken care of by your company. A heartfelt and thoughtful gesture can create a sense of belongingness among your peers. This can be a beauty wellness box with lotions, sunscreen, sanitisers, and balms. Be creative! You can toss into your box some scented candles or a scarf for the winter season.

2. Seasonal Fruit Baskets

Yuletide season is slowly approaching; you can consider sending your peers' seasonal fruit baskets. Pick out special goodies from our Christmas Items and make your basket memorable and one of a kind. Why not include tea, chocolate bars, nuts, liquorice, waffles, and a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine? Since these are consumables, remember to add a keepsake item to your brand. A mug or an organic shirt will do! 

3. Cheese Board Set

Cheese is a popular treat during gatherings and special occasions. The Yuletide season will never be as extravagant without the presence of cheese at the centre table. A special charcuterie board is a unique yet functional gift for your peers. Remember to add some Christmas nuts and goodies to it. Make your corporate gift a peculiar and remarkable package like never before.

4. Coffee Beans

Nothing beats good old coffee beans! Everybody enjoys a cup of good coffee from time to time. Send your team a pack of drip coffee and add some snacks, like cookies or candies to enjoy with the coffee. Make sure to add something they can keep and remind them of your gesture in your package. Pack your coffee and snacks with your branded mugs for a personalised touch.

5. Custom Wine Glasses

When looking for traditional yet classic and fancy gifting for your long-term business clients, onsider gifting them a customised wine glass with a tasteful bottle of prosecco! Add a special note and send them your cheers for the excellent business you've brought together for the year. This is a formal yet genuine gifting for your partners for the grand Christmas season.

6. Gift Cards

For practical purposes, Gift Cards are always a good gift for your employees and customers. If you are in the retailing business, this is a clever technique to get them to learn your product range and encourage them to purchase frequently. For your employees and clients alike, this can help boost their retention and urge them to patronise your brand and products. Plus, they get to choose what they want and need personally.

Surprise Your Team with Corporate Gift Items

Harness the power of corporate gifting and create stronger bonds with your peers with small yet meaningful and well-thought-of packages or boxes now! Learning the tricks and building your corporate gift program is always possible! Surprise your team, partners, and clients this upcoming season with cool and essential corporate gifts. Leave the hassle to us. Simply select the corporate gifting package from our list that suits your brand, and we will handle all the work for you.