Corporate Gift Ideas for Women’s Day

Out of all the special days a company celebrates, Women’s Day has got to be one of the most inspiring celebrations. This day of acknowledging the contributions of female employees deserves functional and aesthetic corporate gifts. Corporate gift ideas for women are overwhelming, especially when sourcing online. So, if you need help knowing which gift ideas are best for your female peers, this article is suitable for you.

Why Corporate Gifts for Ladies on Women’s Day Are Important

Equality has been a hot topic in the workplace and society for the longest time. Women’s Day honours the challenges women had to go through, and it acknowledges their contributions to various fields that we enjoy today.

Corporate Women’s Day gifts are given to boost the morale not just of female employees but every employee within a company. Recognising female employees will bring a promising outlook for the company. Just imagine how other employees, customers, and clients will feel knowing that your business values diversity.

Furthermore, if your business gives a gift, make sure those gifts are functional items that can help their daily needs. If you find yourself stuck with the dos and don'ts of corporate gifting, then follow this advice for corporate gifting. 

Top Ideas of Corporate Gifts for Women’s Day for Employees

Whether for style or substance, the thought is what usually counts regarding corporate gifts for women. However, the process of picking those gifts should not be an afterthought. Hence, it should be prioritised to ensure that the ladies get the gift they deserve.

The key to finding the right gifts is finding the perfect balance between functionality and style, and nothing demonstrates this balance more than these items:

Branded Merch for Care and Wellness

Branded merch for care and wellness has become a big trend. Some people consider it as a very important part of their daily lives by allocating too much time, while others take it as a casual routine. Whatever your stance regarding these aspects, one thing is for sure; they improve your quality of life drastically when you use them.

Here are some items under this category that your business can give as Women’s Day gifts.

1. Hand Lotion

We use our hands for just about anything, so it’s only natural to have something that will take care of them. Hand lotions are perfect gifts for women because they help keep their hands hydrated and healthy-looking. Not to mention that hand lotions have some disinfecting properties, making them an effective all-around hand tool. 

2. Vegan Soap

There’s nothing better than having a guilt-free vegan soap since these items are made without harming any living thing. The appeal of using this type of soap is something that your female employees will appreciate. Because aside from the aforementioned guilt-free process, the soap’s quality can compete with the leading branded soaps. 

3. Lip Balm

It’s no secret that nobody likes dry and chapped lips. Aside from the uneasy feeling associated with this condition, it can also affect other facets of our lives, like speech and eating. These reasons are why lip balms make for outstanding corporate gifts for women. Aside from getting rid of those conditions, they also make women’s lips look glowy and rich, empowering them to excel even further.

4. Toiletry Bag

Women love to travel and explore different places away from home. Therefore, one of the best gift ideas for women is to give them an aesthetic toiletry bag they can use when going out. This merch will help them organise all their toiletries, making them ready whenever they need to use them. Oh, not to mention that this bag is 100% eco-friendly and vegan.

5. Vanilla Scented Candle

Candles help set the mood for the room and bring relaxation to people around. This is undoubtedly true with women. They appreciate candles because it helps improve the overall ambience of their surroundings. Giving your female employees vanilla-scented candles will be greatly appreciated. Surprisingly, it’s one of those items they never knew they needed unless they had it.

Customised Food and Drinks Sets

Want something convenient that everyone would love? Then go for food and drinks sets. Nothing is more rewarding than having delicious snacks and a cup of tea after a busy day at work.

That said, here are some customised food and drinks sets that make for fantastic corporate gifts for women: 

1. Bottle of Sparkling Wine - JP Chenet

Sparkling wines are associated with an air of sophistication. Thus, giving your female employees a bottle of JP Chenet sparkling wine can bring a different level of confidence. With three variants to choose from, you can customise which one you will give to a specific employee based on their tastes and personalities.

2. Wine & Tea Gift Box

A gift box with various tea flavours that can act as a wine box is an ideal Women’s Day gift since these drinks are almost permanent fixtures for women. Wines make meals tastier, and tea helps improve mood and relax the senses. So, the wine & tea gift box combination is more than a welcome addition to any woman’s merch. 

3. Corporate Branded Coffee

Coffee is also one of the mainstays in any employee’s essentials since it keeps them sharp and ready for the tasks ahead. Including a corporate branded coffee as part of your merch is a unique token that can bring a smile to your female peers. 

4. Customised Cookies and Candies

No matter how old you are, cookies and candies will always be in style. Indulge the kid in every female employee by giving them tasty cookies and candies they can enjoy with their co-workers or families. 

Awesome Umbrella

Another thing that employees have to face from time to time is the changing weather. Extreme hot or cold situations can cause various health problems for your employees. Giving your workers an umbrella specifically built to withstand intense storms allows them to be prepared for whatever situation they encounter. 

Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Make parties livelier by giving your female employees stainless steel wine coolers. They can also use this cooler for other beverages because it does an excellent job keeping their drinks ice cold. Well, that's not surprising since it has a double-walled stainless steel design and a matt exterior. 

Customised Bathrobe

Bath time is an excellent time for your female peers to relax. Make this activity even more relaxing by giving them a branded bathrobe made of 100% cotton. Nothing beats slipping into a comfortable bathrobe after relaxing, and that feeling is possible with this product. 

Full Colour Tote Bag

Sometimes, going from one place to another could be a hassle for your female employees. What's even more frustrating is when they need to bring many items with them. Solve this problem for your employees by giving them a stylish and functional full-colour tote bag that will allow them to carry different things with style. 

Celebrate with these Women's Day Corporate Gift Ideas

Women’s Day is an important celebration because it gives women the respect and recognition they deserve. Show them your appreciation by giving a Women's Day Merch Pack.

With the gifts discussed above, we are confident that your female employees will feel your genuine appreciation. Check out our preloaded merch packs if you need more corporate gift ideas for women.