Corporate Birthday Gifts for Employees: Top 17 Ideas

Nowadays, most people desire to work in an organisation that values its employees. That could happen if the company conducts various activities and programs which help and motivate their employees.

Speaking of motivation, there’s no better time to encourage your people than making them feel special on their most special day… their birthdays. Choosing a gift is a tricky decision since this will require thorough checking, usability, and something that will represent your brand. Fret not. You’re in the right place. We have prepared 17 employee birthday gift ideas that will surely surprise your peers.

Care & Wellness Items Kit

In the season where everyone is now obsessed with self-care, you could never go wrong with giving care and wellness items. Since it’s your employee's day, remind them to prioritise self care with these wellness items for your kit.

1. Customised Bathrobe

A warm bath after a successful working day is the best reward for every hardworking employee. Having the time to relax by the tub and feel the water flow to your skin can be satisfying and refreshing. Give them a soft fluffy customised bathrobe as a birthday gift they can use after every bath.

2. Hand Lotion

Another recommended wellness item to include in your kit is a Hand lotion. This can remove dryness and stiffness of the skin, and its scent can lighten everyone’s mood. This is a must-have if you create a customised corporate wellness box.

3. Lip Balm

Say no to chapped lips this cold winter season! Give your employees a lip balm as part of their wellness kit. And yes, let’s break the idea that lip balm is only for women. This is absolutely helpful for all genders. However, pick the best scent to be flexible to everyone's liking. This will give your people a little boost of confidence when they face their colleagues and customers.

4. Eau de Parfum

Fragrance can do wonders with one's self-esteem and mood. Remember to add a bottle of perfume to your birthday gift box. May it be of floral, fresh or fruity aroma, it will surely make a smile to your peers. Delight your team members with a long-lasting fragrance from France in either a 15, 50 or 100 ml bottle.

5. Vanilla Scented Candle

Regarding care and wellness, a scented candle can surprise your people with its positive benefits. The calming scent of vanilla will leave your members feeling renewed and refreshed physically and mentally on their birthdays. So, don’t forget to add this vanilla-scented candle to your wellness kit to make their special day even more unforgettable.

6. Leather Toiletry Bag

With all these essential products for care and wellness that you choose for your kit, surely you will need a secure and compact toiletry bag. Well, why not treat your employees by giving them a leather toiletry bag they can use to store all their essential wellness items. Oh! Don’t forget to select something spacious enough to hold your vanity gifts.

Practical Accessories

Let’s make it more practical. Yes, birthday gifts should be somehow aesthetic and grand so the celebrant must feel special. However, not every employee celebrant is happy to receive items, not for practical usage. Speaking of practicality, why not include the following merch on your list.

7. Comfortable Corporate Bag

Most employees find it hard to look for the perfect work bag. Most of them prefer something that can go with their formal and casual look. Plus it should be spacious, secure and with enough compartments. Leave your members out of this dilemma and give them a comfy corporate bag for their birthdays. 

8. Corporate Branded Umbrella

Be it the rainy or sunny season, a branded umbrella is always an essential tool for your employees. It's practical to give out a corporate branded umbrella to show your care for your member's well-being against the changing weather. Add your corporate logo and let them carry it pridefully on their everyday shift. They can utilise this for a long time, so make sure to pick out the stylish yet durable type.

9. Soft Touch Scarf

A soft-touch scarf is always part of the list if you talk about a classy yet usable present. It often signifies care and warmth. Make your members feel adored with this bit of linen on their birthdays. They can also use this to spice up their work wear during the cold winter season. Make sure to choose classic colours to easily match their preference.

10. Fleece Blanket

Another practical and warm gift idea for your birthday celebrants is a fleece blanket. Needless to say, your work-from-home staff will most appreciate this during the winter season. Make sure that it’s thick enough to help your peers cope up during cold shifts. Hence, you can also make it more comfy and smooth to use during their bedtime rest.

Merch for Office Lunch

Aside from practical office merch items listed above, you can also include some usable lunch merch as a birthday gift. These are useful items they can utilise during their lunch breaks in the office.

11. Thermos with Company Logo

Company merchandise with a brand logo has always been a hit for every business. Aside from its positive effects on your people's performance, it can also serve as a subtle advertisement of your company and its reputation. Recently, high-priced water thermos in fancy colours has also been a trend. Why not join the trend and create your company-branded thermos? 

12. Metal Premium Lunch Box

Since we’re talking about lunch merchandise, a premium lunch box should not miss your list. This merchandise will secure tasty meals for your employees whenever they need to work onsite. This will help them properly recharge their energy and mind after a tiring shift. Keep their hearts and food packs warm as you send out these simple yet thoughtful present ideas. 

13. Customised Mugs

A little or maybe, not-so-little caffeine is a must to kickstart the mind of your peers for a tiring and challenging day ahead. Let’s admit it, your workplace runs efficiently with the help of coffee. If that’s the case, why not include customised mugs to make their coffee breaks more exciting and fun. Oh, don’t forget to add your aesthetic logo to make them feel more like part of your organisation.

14. Durable Muesli Container

Everyone needs something to nibble on during long tiring shifts. May it be candies, nuts, cookies, mallows or gelly. We all keep and store our comfort food close just in case things get more challenging. With that, a durable muesli container can be a delight to give during your staff's birthdate. Be sure to add this to your options!

Customised Food and Drinks

A pack of premium and fine goodies for your birthday celebrants is always a great idea. No one ever gets sad after receiving a delicious treat. Choose some of these fancy combos and make your team members jump for joy as they celebrate their special day.

15. Wine & Tea GiftBox

Try something new, like a matching prosecco wine and tea gift box for a fancy present. It'll be a perfectly timed gift if they plan a fancy dinner celebration for another blissful year of their life. Not to mention that it'll be much appreciated to come from you as their manager. 

16. Corporate Branded Coffee

A pack of corporate-branded coffee perfectly matches your customised coffee mug. Your celebrants will surely enjoy this pack of either arabica or robusta. Boost their energy and chase their sleepy ambience away with this merchandise.

17. Customised Cookies and Candies

Yay for treats and sweets! Pack your customised cookies and candies and add a special note to greet your celebrants on their birthdays. Without a doubt, your hardworking employee will love and appreciate this sweet treat.

Celebrate Your Employee's Birthday With These Gift Ideas

Make your employees' birthday extra special with these fantastic and fun gift ideas you can quickly source. Your team members have worked hard to help you succeed in your business endeavours. Therefore, make sure to give your best to encourage and appreciate them. This could only be possible if you celebrate with them during their special day. Plan and curate your corporate birthday gift in a snap and make a bond as tight as a family.

If you need more exciting and practical ideas, we have more in store for you. Feel free to contact us if you need help sourcing and curating gift ideas.