Corporate Baby Gift Ideas

Whenever one of your employees gives birth, a bundle of joy is always added to their household. As an employer, treating this milestone as a celebration is something that your people will always remember. There’s no better way to show that your organisation is actively involved in the lives of your people than giving company baby gifts.

Why Corporate Gifts to Employees' Children are Important

Before jumping to those corporate baby gift ideas, it’s highly important to understand why you need to generously give those presents. Giving corporate gifts to employees' children strengthens the bond between you and your employees. This act can resonate with how your company values your people and their life outside the office. 

Corporate Baby Gift Ideas

Top Ideas for Corporate Baby Gifts for Employees

If you’re looking for fresh and new ideas for corporate baby gifting to employees, You’ve come into the right article. Here are some useful yet elegant corporate baby gift ideas for your new parents in the company.

Kit with Newborn Must-Have Items

Newborn must-have items are the most common goodies you can include in your gift merchandise pack. This is one of the highly recommended employer gifts for new parents because of its practicality and usefulness. You may include a customised baby blanket, bath wrap, baby socks, booties, baby bottle, layette set, plush toy, scooper, teether, headdresses and many more. Oh! Don’t forget to wrap it in beautiful gift packaging.

Books for Children

A classic approach for new parent employees is by giving them a set of children's books. Aside from impressing them with the educational values of books, this gift idea will also help your employees to bond or enjoy their time with their newborn child. There are wide ranges of classic books both for adults and children in paperback which you can choose from. As long as it’s helpful, entertaining, and educational, it always has a place in your baby gift pack.

Treats and Sweets for Children

Another way to show your care for your employees is by showing a sweet spot in your organisation. In that case, why not give them a pack of sweet branded merch? A couple of branded cookies, nuts, marshmallows, Toblerone, and gummies will surely make a giggle towards your employees’ families. Be as sweet as you can with these branded sweet tooth products.

Gift Cards for Kids

Practically, giving gift cards is the most classic and convenient approach to celebrating with your peers’ families. Select shops where they can relate and enjoy such as bookstores, toy stores, and even local bake shops. Or, if you have something to offer, why not give them a gift card from your organisation and let them pick which merch they want to obtain.

Lunch Boxes for Children

If you are looking for functional gift items that your employees' children can use more often, then gifting a lunch box can be the perfect choice. This gift idea is suitable if they already have kids who go to school. Choosing a customised bamboo lunch box will help you introduce them to sustainability and prioritise eco-friendly materials. Another option is branded RPET lunch box which they can use during field trips or picnics.

Merch Gift Ideas for New Parents

Merch Gift Ideas for New Parents

Aside from giving gifts to your employees’ kids, you also need to consider giving your employee a treat. Here are some merch gift ideas for your new parent employee that they will surely enjoy. 

Kit of Wellness Customised Items

A box of branded merch for care and wellness to remind your new parent employees about self-care and health is something they will thank you for. Include customised towels, lotion, sunscreen, soap, perfume, powder and other vanity items into your wellness box. This thoughtful act can help motivate your employee and eliminate a little bit of stress from their system.

Branded Treats

Treat your employees with branded food goodies and confectioneries to encourage them as they enter the world of parenthood. Send in a pack of coffee, oreo cookies, candies, peanuts, dutch liquorice, Tony’s Chocolonely bar, and tea. If this merch doesn’t make them feel loved and valuable, then what else will?

New Parent Classes

Parenthood is challenging, especially if you’re not prepared. Show your support by encouraging your employee to join some new parent classes. This can help them gain knowledge on how they can rectify their worried minds, and gain tips and tricks to have a healthy boundary between work and family life. In case you’re treating a couple of new parent employees, then you have the option to invite an expert and hold the class at the office.

SPA Gift Card

Having a new kid in the family can be stressful at times, that’s why sending a spa gift card is helpful towards your employees. This will relax, unwind, and rest them for a while so they can be a better parent at home and employee at work. Give them a chance to be on their own and completely relax after their day-to-day hustle and night baby duties. You can send out these gift cards with a bunch of organised towels, bath robes and a heartwarming note. 

Show Your Employees that Family Matters

Celebrating such milestones with your team members' lives should not be missed. Despite all the targets and deadlines make sure that your work environment promotes a healthy and family-driven culture. Be present with your new parent employee lives in little ways and develop mutual respect, trust and importance through corporate gifting. If you want to know more about other various baby gift ideas, feel free to connect with us and we will help your organisation.