Success Story

How we helped Closure save time with high quality merch packs

Helping Closure Save Time! 

We filmed a Success Story Video at Closure where Graciëlla van Vliet, co-founder, explains how Monday Merch made it easy and time consuming to create high quality merchandise packs for their team members. 

Five years ago Graciëlla and Chantal founded Closure. Chantal got a notification on Facebook to congratulate her grandma with her birthday. Although she already passed away five years ago and it was very confronting and painful and it made them think, why isn’t there an easy way to take care of contracts and accounts? So they both quit their jobs and started building a solution.

Graciëlla van Vliet

Co-founder, Closure

''The quality, time savings and ease of use makes Monday Merch a no-brainer for us.’’

At Closure they unburden families after a passing by finalizing all the contracts and accounts of the deceased person ranging from bank accounts or insurance to, for example, the Netflix or Facebook accounts. They do this for free of charge for the family members as they work together with organizations that provide the contracts and accounts.  


‘’We wanted to create branded merchandise packages for our employees, but also for our investors. It took us a lot of time to find different suppliers. It was just super convenient when we found Monday Merch and we only needed to upload the logo. I could just select whatever item I liked and the communication was super nice. We got advice on which colors to use, which products to choose, given the budget we had and the best thing was the quality of the products was outstanding.

Our team was super happy with the package! They really love their sweaters. We are wearing them all the time and they are using the mug and the notebook daily as well. It was all in all, just a super simple, convenient process. ’’

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