Branded Merch for Events: Top 6 Ideas

Holding various events for your company is inevitable, especially when you’re celebrating different milestones. These events are essential since they strengthen the camaraderie between everyone within the company. Of course, corporate events will never be exciting if there are no giveaways. Why not give them some branded event merchandise if that's the case?

If your company is planning on holding an event and wants fresh ideas about which branded merch should be included, read the article to discover these fantastic suggestions. 

Branded merch for events

How to Choose Merchandise for Events

Before diving into various branded merchandise, let us first discuss the factors involved in choosing these items. Not all things mesh well with a particular event, so some mixing and matching are still essential.

Here are the factors that come into play when choosing merch for different events:

• Audience - Whether for a company-wide event or one involving your loyal customers, the items you give out should resonate well with the audience. Knowing your target demographic speaks to how much you value them and can provide valuable data for your business strategy.

• Scale - Will it be an intimate event involving fewer people, or will it be a grand gathering? Knowing your event's size will allow you to strategise on which items to give.

• Budget - Events are supposed to be fun and should benefit your attendees. Going overboard with your spending might put you on a financially losing end when all is said and done.

• Sustainability - With issues about the environment on the rise as of late, sustainability has become imperative. Giving out sustainable items is like hitting two birds with one stone since you are not just making your attendees happy but also helping the environment.

• Function - People have become savvier regarding which items they go for as of late. Practicality has become even more important than aesthetic appeal. Simple branded T-shirts or water flasks go a long way regarding functionality and will make everyone happy. 

Corporate branded treats

Company Merchandise Ideas for Events

Now that we’ve covered the factors in choosing which merch to go for, let us discuss some excellent branded items for your event. With that said, here are the six best company merchandise ideas for events: 

Corporate Branded Apparel

Who doesn’t love new pieces of clothing to add to their collection? Apparel carrying the company’s brand will not only look good but is also a good way of getting your company’s name out there.

Additionally, some apparel is organic or recycled, further contributing to the cause of protecting the environment. Choosing to go with corporate-branded hoodies, jackets, or shirts is a good move since they tick every box on what makes for a good giveaway. 

Branded Office Supplies

Those who take pride in their work also take pride in their tools, so having branded office supplies will help them perform better at work. Imagine having pens or notebooks that stand out from the rest; they make menial tasks more enjoyable.

Furthermore, having office supplies with your brand will always make those who have them remember your company. You can never go wrong with branded office supplies if you constantly think of ways to bolster your advertising. 

Customised Bags 

Undoubtedly, bags are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing, so including bags in your company’s merch is more than an ideal giveaway. If we are to look back on the different factors in choosing branded merch for events, we will notice that this item is a perfect fit for all of them.

Needless to say, bags are also for everyone. Giving customised bags will stun your attendees, whether for ladies or gents. 

Branded Treats

Corporate branded items for events

Treats can be a fun giveaway for company events since, much like bags, they are for everyone. No matter how old you are, you will always appreciate something sweet or salty to munch on.

On the practical side, branded treats are easy to avail and find. While these snacks are limited, they can serve as a welcome addition when bundled with other branded giveaways. 

Branded Phone Charger

Due to the sheer number of things you can do with your phone, they are almost an extension of your body. That’s why phone chargers are essential items you should have every day.

Placing a charger on your giveaway merch is a practical and wise choice. The only downside of this one is you need to consider whether it's a charger for android or iOS. But don't worry, branded recycled wireless chargers will do the trick for both types.

Corporate Merch for Sports

Physical activity also always stays in style, and some of your people probably choose to burn excess calories through sports. You can give out branded merch that can be used for sports, like T-shirts, sports bags, sports bottles, and sports shorts.

Including these items in your giveaway will remind and encourage your peers to thrive in their sporting activities. Oh, don’t forget to wrap everything with branded gift packaging.

Highlight Your Brand with Branded Merch

These are the six best ideas for branded merch giveaways for your company events. We have also discussed different factors when choosing which items to go for. With these merchandise ideas for events, you won’t have to worry about which items to give out anymore.

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If you want to cap your events with stunning branded merch giveaways, feel free to contact us; we will help you achieve that.