Bamboo, Cork, and Wooden Promotional Products Ideas

With various promotional product options, it’s understandable that you might get overwhelmed initially. Some companies prefer aesthetically beautiful items, while others choose sustainability and usability.

If you are looking for promotional product ideas that strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, durability and sustainability, look no further. These bamboo, cork, and wooden promotional product merch is what you’re looking for. 

Why Eco-friendly Merch Matters 

We are all aware that many companies nowadays have switched to sustainable processes to contribute to saving our planet. One of the ways to accomplish that is by supporting eco-friendly merch as your organisation’s promotional item. Eco-sustainability in business is essential for preserving our environment today and planting seeds for future generations to enjoy.

If this is your company's route, then you’re in the right place at the right time. Who knows, your organisation might become one of the leading sustainable businesses in the future.

Ideas for Sustainable Bamboo, Cork, and Wooden Promotional Products

Sustainable promotional products, such as items made out of bamboo, cork, and wood, help save the environment and promote your branding. This will allow you to generate more clients and partners while protecting our environment.

With that said, here are some of the best sustainable products you can get. 

1. Ethical Office Supplies

The company office is where your people spend most of their time aside from home, so it’s only practical to have office supplies ready for them. What better way to promote your stance regarding environmental awareness than having eco-friendly products? Yes, that also applies to office supplies.

Bamboo Longlife Pencil

Don’t you hate it when your pencil shrinks due to excessive sharpening? That’s totally expected from pencils. However, your business can choose a much more durable bamboo long-life pencil. This product is known to last 100 times longer than a regular pencil. In addition, they won’t have to worry about shrinkage because the tip can be replaced when worn out. 

Cork Desk Pads

Whether your employee needs to have a functional mouse pad on their desk or simply want an aesthetic one, going for a cork desk pad is a great idea. Features like sound dampening, friction for your mouse, and a clean, natural look are present and will undoubtedly make your people stand out in the office. 

Corporate Branded Cork Notebook

The next best thing for your team to have in the office is a notebook. Including a branded cork notebook in your merch pack is helpful for your people, especially during meetings. Due to its usefulness, this office supply has always been a staple in workplaces or at home. A corporate-branded cork notebook is an environmentally friendly alternative to having a regular one. And, of course, what sets it apart is its aesthetic look.

2. Accessories for Home

Most companies nowadays already adapted the hybrid setup or 50/50 work from home and onsite policy. In that case, giving valuable items to your peers who work from home is a great way to make their working from home experience even better and more enjoyable.

Here are some sustainable items your employee will love to have at home.

Cutting Board

Cutting boards have always been a valuable item in every household kitchen. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to include a sustainable cutting board in your merch pack. This item is made from wood without glue, which is helpful for food preparation, especially in making breakfast or lunch during working from home days.

Eco Coffee Mug

An eco coffee mug is an excellent alternative to regular cups since they are biodegradable and reusable. The design is also reminiscent of something that can be seen in your local coffee shops, allowing your people to fully enjoy whatever they’re sipping on.

3. Bamboo Phone Holder Wireless Charger 10W 

Enjoy the combination of style and substance with this bamboo phone holder wireless charger. This device is capable of 10W charging and has a fantastic design sure to attract attention. Additionally, wood is an excellent surface to prevent overheating while charging, making this product safer than other alternatives. 

4. Wine Box Made of FSC Wood

Celebrations are not complete without a glass of wine. Always consider the packaging when giving your employees a bottle of wine. Make it presentable by using a wine box made of FSC wood

Include These Bamboo, Cork, and Wooden Promotional Products in Your List

The road towards environmental repair is long and arduous. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference through your business. Having eco-friendly items like the ones discussed above contributes to this goal and gets you closer to it, one small step at a time.

If you’re looking for other bamboo, cork, and wooden items, feel free to check out all our eco-friendly merchandise. Also, if you need help curating your sustainable promotional merch packs, we would love to assist you along the way.