20 Company Christmas Party Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is perfect for expressing gratitude and appreciation to your team members and employees. Surprising your employees with personalised corporate gifts will yield to more engaged and accountable employees.

As the holiday season is swiftly approaching, you might be thinking and researching for a gift for your employees at this coming Christmas party! We’re here to help prepare and plan your best gifts for the company Christmas party.

Christmas party gifts for employees

Holiday Party Gift Ideas for Employees

Whether working in the office or from home, you can send some holiday party gifts to your employees! Deliver these sweet treats and goodies to them as an expression of your greetings for the season!

1. Coffee

No more sleepy working hours, isn't it? I'm sure your coffee-loving team members will have a blast once they open your corporate Christmas gift and find out it has a pack of coffee inside. Coffee fuels your workforce and helps them have an alert mind and body, so why not give them a little treat?

2. A Chocolate Gift Box

Everybody loves a sweet treat! Add a chocolate gift box, such as a box of Toblerone or Tony's Chocolonely, to your list of holiday party gift ideas for your hardworking team! Chocolate is one of the sweetest corporate Christmas party gifts your employee could ever receive in this wonderful holiday season.

3. Christmas Tea

Bring out a little bit of elegance and cosiness to your employees by adding a Christmas tea set into your office Christmas party gifts. This Christmas tea set is perfect for the cold winter season. This goes without saying but your employees will definitely love to have a cup of tea while having their wonderful holiday vacation.

4. Holiday Berry Jam

Goodies will never go overrated, especially for corporate holiday party gifts! Prepare and pack some holiday berry jam for your united team. What a sweet and traditional holiday giftable for everyone that they can surely enjoy during their breaks!

5. Christmas Gingerbread

Baking some Christmas gingerbread for your members is a thoughtful and heartwarming gift idea! Another familiar tradition, yet full of effort. Give back to their hard work and perseverance with a sweet and good old gingerbread man!

6. A Bottle of Wine

Cheers to a year of abundance, teamwork, and success! Add a bottle of wine to your office Christmas party gifts for a fancy and classy present to your people. Be a part of their celebration as they pop the bottle for a holiday.

7. Fortune Cookies with Personalised Messages

Show your sincere appreciation for your members' hard work with some fortune cookies with personalised messages. It is an exciting and surprising Christmas gift idea to unwrap this Yuletide season.

Office Christmas Party Tech Gift Ideas

Something functional and practical never goes wrong for your corporate gifting! Here are some practical techie ideas you should consider when shopping for your corporate Christmas party gift!

8. Branded Power Bank

You should add your Christmas merch package with a wireless power bank for your employees. Especially those who are always on remote or out-of-business projects. Power banks will be most appreciated and utilised as they all need the power to charge their phones and other devices.

9. Wireless Charger

Gifting your team members a wireless charger promotes organisation and convenience on their desks, whether in the office, work-from-home, or remote setup. This will be useful as some models also come as a phone stand. Not to mention the sustainability it promotes by utilising organic materials like the popular bamboo wireless charger.

Christmas party gift ideas for employees

10. Laptop Bag

For your always-on-the-go team members who are mostly spending their time on the field, leather laptop bags or laptop sleeves would be a convenient addition to your Christmas merch package. Isn’t it nice to receive a new accessory to replace the old ones? Well, you could never go wrong upgrading your employees' stuff from time to time.

11. Phone Holder Pop Socket

Phone holder pop socket is a practical and affordable mass gift idea. These are usually low in cost and can come in different fun designs. It can be used daily, personally, and at work as a stand or phone grip handle.

12. Humidifier

Air humidifiers have a lot of health benefits when used! It can maintain your skin moist and healthy, improve your breathing, and even prevent you from colds and flu. Humidifiers are great Christmas gift ideas, primarily if your company supports a healthy lifestyle and better wellness.


Sport Gift Ideas for Employees

Promote an active lifestyle for your workforce by sending them starter accessories they can use for sports or workout sessions! Keep your team members physically active and fit, and send them these supportive presents during your office holiday party. 

13. Branded Sport Bag

A sports bag will be an exciting gift for your physically conscious team members. Supporting and engaging your workforce in healthy lifestyle choices is a good company value. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the beat and list branded sports bags as one of your company’s proud merch. 

14. Sports Drink Bottle

Frequent hydration is a must! Whether at work or doing physical activities during your spare time. Include recycled sports drink bottles to promote hydration, especially when your team loves to have some morning walk or jog. It is also an excellent way to promote sustainability in addition to wellness and health. At the end of the day, your employees' well-being is still the company’s biggest priority.

15. Branded Cycling Bottle

Sending a branded cycling bottle for your team members engaged in cycling activities will be greatly appreciated. This will help your employees enjoy their cycling activities within the team. You’ll never know, these branded cycling bottles could stir a sporting passion to other employees as well. We wouldn't be surprised if they will soon consider cycling as one of your team building activities.

Other Work Christmas Party Gift Ideas

Here are some more flexible and fun corporate gift ideas you should consider. Always go for something functional or add a personal touch to your presents.

16. Gift Card

Gift cards are a practical gift idea! Simply because it gives your employees a will to choose an item of their liking! It's effective as they can pick and enjoy your gift without you having to drain your brain of gift ideas per person.

17. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are classic and timeless gift ideas, perfect for the holiday season! It's functional and also flexible for anyone on your team! Be a part of their holidays as they merrily cheer with their new glasses of champagne.

Corporate branded notebook. Christmas party gifts for employees

18. Personalized Notebook

Another functional with a hint of warmth is a personalised notebook gift. Needless to say, your team can use this for their daily notes and task reminders for the upcoming new year! Surprise your employees with a recycled leather notebook, stonebook notebook, notebook wheatfiber, or cork notebook.

19. Scented Candles

Scented candles are another excellent gift for promoting peace as your employees enjoy the cold touch of the cosy season. Imagine how relaxing and beautiful it will be to have some scented candles as your employees enjoy their Christmas eve gathering.

20. Winter Cosy Box

Since it's the season of snow and warm hugs, why not express and send your love through a cosy winter box? Be creative and customise what to put inside. Your passion in a Christmas gift box may include mugs, socks, scarf, chocolate bars, drinks, and many more! If this will not warm the heart of your employees, then it will be pretty hard to think of anything else more.

Surprise Your Employees with These Office Holiday Party Gifts

With the impressive list of corporate Christmas party gifts above, we are confident you'll be able to express gratitude for your team's work! Impress them with these thoroughly thought office holiday party gifts, giving back to their hard work, patience, and loyalty through small tokens during the holiday!

If you're having difficulty sourcing those Christmas merch ideas for your employees, or you might probably be busy with the Christmas rush activities, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you collate Christmas present ideas that your employee will love. You can check out our pre-made Christmas Packages or create your own package.